Waifu Wars - Voting Poll - Round 5! “T H E E N E M Y” - The Blazing Blade (Poll Ended)

Round 4 Results! (Click this)

The winner the of round 4 is unfortunately Lilina!

1st Place: Lilina!
2nd Place: Cecilia!
3rd Place: Idunn!
4th Place: Thea
5th Place: Fir
6th Place: Shanna
7th Place: Sue
8th Place: Clarine
9th Place: Sophia
10th Place: Gwendolyn

Lilina, Ishtar, Mae and Caeda are now all now apart of the final ordeal…Cecilia should have one smh

Next, the waifus from the first FE game released in America, Fire Emblem/The Blazing Blade. Take into account each waifus alts, from the “Waifus’ Alts” page, to see which is the best waifu. Please leave your input below!

  • Lyn: Strong and caring woman of the plains. image
  • Karla: Tough and ready swordswoman. Karel’s sister. image
  • Florina: Extremely shy pegasus knight. image
  • Ursula: The Blue Crow. Threatening assassin. image
  • Ninian: Kindly dragon. Wants peace. image
  • Nino: Kind and charming mage. image
  • Rebecca: Smart and optimistic archer. image
  • Serra: Self-centered cleric. image
  • Priscilla: Caring and delightful cleric. image

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Waifus’ Alts Page. (Click this)



Love Abounds





Scattered Fangs

Round 4:

Next Round: The Sacred Stones

Have fun voting. This is where it gets a tiny bit harder who to vote for.

So basically this round is between Lyn and Karla

I also didn’t realize that they hardly have any girls from 7 in this until now

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This man has to win all polls

Hawkeye is cleary a waifu, where he at

Bro if this comment gets more likes then all the characters in this poll you gotta throw him in lmao


Don’t forget Ninian

I will give a Bulgefonse to everyone who votes for Lyn. Can I get a tally? :sunglasses:

Yall know you gotta vote Hawkeye. Man has better thighs then Lyn and Karla combined

The legend himself is about to turn this poll upside down, yall better vote him

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I feel like SS is gonna be when the real showdown starts lol

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In SS, the battle would be between Eirika and, maybe, Tana.

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Possibly Marisa? Idk

Also L’Arachel

First of all, that is bribery, and I won’t stand for it.
Second, why would I even want a Bulgefonse?

How about Hawkeye? The reward is voting for an absolute legend

I honestly really don’t know who to pick, the only Blazing Blade character I really have any attachment to is Farina.

So you know what, gonna pick the crazy assassin. Even if I doubt any else will pick her. I mean Ishtar is the only winner so far I voted for, so I fully expect whoever I pick probably won’t win anyway.

Why is no one voting for Ninian?
I’m gonna say this before @Sir_of_Coffee can:


This is me because Farina isn’t an option.

It’s not that nobody likes her but it’s Karla and Lyn c’mon

I don’t really see why so many people like Karla so much asides from her looks though. Fill me in on this? Because I feel like Ninian is better then Karla

Personally, Ninian was a little bland for my tastes. She didn’t have enough spunk for me. I really like Karla’s energy, she’s a bad ass swordswoman who’s known throughout the land for her skill. I also find her dynamic with Karel interesting and I remember seeing her for the first time when I was about 7 and being captivated with her. She was so different looking and acting from the other FE girls, I know she might not have a lot of screen time but she’s always stood out to me.


Just look at her.

(It’s between her and Lyn for me )