Waifu Wars - Voting Poll - Round 7! “The first FE game with furries.” - PoR and Radiant Dawn (Poll Ended)

This poll is very late, but better late than never.

Round 6 Results! (Click this)

The winner of round 6 is Marisa!

1st Place: Marisa!
2nd Place: Eirika!
3rd Place: Tana!
4th Place: Lute
5th Place: L’Arachel

It was a close battle between Marisa and Eirika, but now Marisa is apart of the final ordeal…

Now onto Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn! Leave your input down below! And again, lolis, Mist and Sanaki, aren’t included as waifus. And remember, you’re a furry if you pick Leanne or Nailah. That isn’t a problem, but just remember.

  • Titania: Strong and caring. One of the Greil Mercenaries. image
  • Mia: Jumpy and optimistic. image
  • Elincia: Strong and charming. image
  • Nephenee: Strong and reliable. image
  • Micaiah: Caring and sweet mage. image
  • Leanne: Sweet and quiet. Only knows her own language well. image
  • Nailah: Reliable and tough. image

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Hoshidan Summer


Hoshidan Summer

Round 6:

Next Round: Awakening

Sorry for this poll being very late, but at least it’s out now.

I rushed to make this poll, so please tell me if I made any errors. Please and thanks!

It’s gotta be Mia

Titania for me.

Leanne aside, I honestly like all the women here. But. Easy choice here, there’s only one correct option for me.


INB4 Mia wins, unless she doesn’t lol. Then I’ll be really embarrassed.

I’m really between Nailah and Titania but also Mia, tbh I’ll probably switch back and forth.

Elincia, because Kippu.


I have a feeling that this round is where some people might get a bit pissy with opinions. With that being said, i’m choosing Micaiah. Sorry Mia.


In this poll, of who I want to win, I’m leaning more towards Micaiah tbh. She’s pretty cool

Why must I choose between Mia and Micaiah!? They’re my two favorite characters in the whole series!


What about the last one?

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Flip a coin lol

The last round, I wanted Eirika to win, but I was fine with Marisa.

I voted Neph, I mean if 1000 yr old loli dragons are of questionable concerns, what does that mean for beast units…

Well at least the beast and dragon Laguz act like adults. That’s my big issue with the majority of the manaketes, is that they act like children.

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Mia is winnin? Huh!!!

Here I thought Micah or Elincia would be up and being top, guess I didn’t expect her to be so popular, yknow with her VA being as meme’d as it is by the fanbase.


Tbh I’m more shook (but pleasantly shook) that Elincia is getting a good amount of votes

Well, she’s rather popular given how people tend to ship her with ike (at least till Radiant Dawn shipped with 90% of it’s supports removed XD)

But yeah, I’m surprised. Even more so that Leanne has no votes (as of now)

Personally I prefer Elincia x Lucia. When will Elincia’s gf finally join the game?