“Wait, does this mean that people will be looking at me?”

Everyone, quick - appreciate Olivia by staring at her!

Yet another character that I feel I’ve been under-appreciating as of late.
Olivia was never my strongest unit in Awakening, but she was always one of my most useful.
In FEH, she’s been great for training new units. Having two dancers and a healer made Training Tower grinding for levels and SP much faster.

She’s also surprisingly well-rounded for a support unit that’s not supposed to be on the front lines. She doesn’t have all of her DFs yet, but she’s not that far behind my +10, 20 DF Masked Marth.

I’d really like to see her get a PRF - a support-focused weapon with just enough power to carry her through short fights. She’s already good, but the right weapon would make her even better.

Lastly, and most subjectively - I think Olivia is adorable.
I don’t just mean that she has a cute design (which she does), or that her timid mannerisms are endearing (which they are).
I mean that in both gameplay and story, Olivia is tiny and underpowered but still tries her very best to be helpful.
Even if she isn’t the most powerful unit or the most dynamic character, she puts a smile on my face, and that’s more than enough.

Bonus Olivia Appreciation Quote!

Spoilers for FE Awakening

You’re really… my daughter?
Yes. I swear it.
But you’re so strong and beautiful…
Nothing like me!
Everything like you… milady.


I’ve always been a big fan of Olivia for much the same reasons and Awakening was my first FE game and I hold it and the characters with high regards.

Really want to build her with some fairly good skills in Heroes but I’m always a coward with foddering and don’t want to risk giving something rare to a unit if it may become redundant when they get their prf… which means I’m probably never going to have her with anything rarer than than Fury, WoM and 4* available support C skills. As you say, support focused with a bit of help for herself, maybe something like Laslow’s with ally buffing and an effect for herself if she’s got an audience. Really though, I’ll take anything just so the uncertainty is gone and I can invest in her. So long at they do the same for her as Cordelia and they use the same design her Fire Emblem Warriors weapon did because it looked awesome.


Also really hope she gets a Muspell resplendent. Her base art has never looked great to me, as if it was left out in the sun and faded before it was sent in for inclusion in the game, so an upgrade to a fire dancer theme would be awesome.


I hope that she gets a Resplendent version.


Olivia’s base art is pretty faithful to her original design, but it’s missing some key elements.
With its hunched-over posture and the way her arms cover her chest, Olivia’s Awakening portrait does a good job of making her look small. Conversation cutscenes also put her portrait next to other characters, which highlights just how short she is.

Lastly, whoever designed Olivia’s facial expressions in Awakening deserves an award:




Dancing Blade
16 Mt
If unit is within 2 spaces of an ally, grants Atk/Spd +3 to unit and allies within 2 spaces.
Unit can warp to any space adjacent to an ally within 2 spaces.

Anna’s Noatun effect could actually be really useful for Olivia, since it would extend her reach for Dance.
Having a built-in Joint Drive effect would also help her in combat and provide extra support for her teammates.

Is this balanced?
Olivia is not a flier, so this refine effect still wouldn’t give her mobility on par with the fairies.
The Joint Drive effect also isn’t improving her Def/Res, so she’d need careful positioning to avoid damage and set up for Dance.
And even if Olivia stacks other Drive skills, she can’t give as much bonus stats as B!Lucina or compete with Gierskogul’s Steady Breath effect.

If this gets added to the game, along with a Resplendent that makes Olivia as expressive as she was in Awakening, I might seriously consider dropping money on FEH.


Okay, last addition - I like the design for Sonya’s Resplendent, and I think something similar for Olivia would look amazing:


Yeah, she did steal the fire dancer thunder but there’s definitely still room for Olivia. Probably with less material but towards the cute-but-sexy end the scale compared to Sonya’s majestic beauty look.

On the weapon idea, I’d hope for more but I fear that’s about what they’d give the demote dancers given PA!Azura was too good to refine when she gives +3 buffs when using Sing. Assuming they ever give anything.

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