Wait or Do it?

I wanted to +10 Roy first, but he’s sitting at a +8 with no spares… Do I finish Lilina first, or wait for Roy?



I mean

You literally have the merge. Right there. Why wouldn’t you finish

And what’s with everyone asking weird “should I merge” questions lately when the answer is obvious?




Finish merging her, you’ll eventually get the copies for Roy and the feathers


… Why would you wait?


The second Lilina is already at 5 stars. They literally have no reason not to merge her.


I honestly have no idea.

Because sometimes when you REALLY love a character, the more sentimental side of you wants to make that character your first +10


:thinking: you’re right, the resources were already spent so there shouldn’t be any turning back for the OP in merging her :feh_almdab:


But if you’re making both characters +10 anyway then what does it matter who’s first?

@Havoc815 I mean, Roy’s our boy but there’s no telling when the last 2 merges will show up for you. I’d say go for the merge

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It’s the principle of the matter, they may want to have a +10 roy first. That being said, just do the merge.


Well. I know what you mean if you want Roy to be your first +10. I mean I wanted Marth to be. But he wasn’t showing up so I just +10ed Caeda. No regrets she’s cool too. Go for it 100%

It matters for this guy, or if you have a hard time getting 40k feathers.

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Except, logically, it doesn’t. Even if you didn’t have 40k feathers, Lilina’s last merge is literally already 5* rarity and ready to be given for the last merge. There is literally no reason not to give her the last merge.

If someone is so into it to where they’re willing to halt progress on everything just to have a specific character get the “first +10” spot when they can finish other merge projects with the press of a button then that’s on them, but there’s no reason to ask the community which you should do because 9.999/10 we’re gonna say that it’s dumb to not finish merging Lilina when the last merge is right there just because Roy won’t be your first completed max merged unit.