Waited a long time for all these medals (DL Flex Post)

When they introduced Medals I was a little scared but excited to see how to get them. Quite a few seemed daunting to obtain, since they covered all of endgame and included fights I had no chance against. But I went and took things at my own pace. Picked characters I liked and tried to get their medals.

I went for Joker since he was my favorite collab and I’m kind of a Persona shill in that regard, eheh

In any case, before Sinister Dominion or even Trials of the Mighty allowed him to play in any fights, I was deadset on playing through what I could. Even worked on Panther’s Medals and with Asura’s inclusion I took my chances and…

Did it. All that was left to wait for was Trials, and I could take a break. The past month wasn’t lucky enough to do so, and, in a bit of a boredom streak, I tried the endgame fights to see what I needed, and worked on a team. Wasn’t easy.

Was stuck in a rut with doing better since allies kept dropping like flies here. So I transitioned to another Medal Project of mine and saw what he could do. And?

I knew. Right here, I knew I could do it with Joker to get his medals. I was focused this week though. Even dipped into ABR for the only time that month and got a Victory. With Hunter Berserker no less!

And so I went and streamed my Morsayati Nightmare attempt. Ran out of DPS my first run, but with a slight shift in rotation, it wasn’t long.

This, ladies and gentlemen. This was when I realized I could finally do it.

The next week I immediately went back at it. Swapped Alberius and Joker and gave Joker the skills I needed to survive. Played just the same but with Joker running shared skills. And…

I did it.

I DID IT! And not just that!

I outdid my time on both of these fights! Thing is, Alberius as my lead wasn’t using his Agito skill, so he wasn’t hitting a fast enough DPS rate to win without some panic setting in. But since Joker was doing the skills, I was free to go to town! Glad that immediately following this week I saw Trials add a Shadow Dagger map. So on the first day off I had to do so…

I finished it.

Joker has now officially cleared every one of his medals. And I couldn’t be happier.

…unless they make another P5 Collab (give me Noir and Fox you cowards!)

TLDR I spend too much time in this game for stuff that exists purely for bragging rights, but I don’t care. I got to show my love for two of my favorite games, and I’m glad I did it.

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