Walerin in PvP?

Having just caught a Level 35 Spheal with a PVP-ish IV spread (6/11/15), I decided to take a peek on the site to see what the site says about Walerin for Ultra League… and there’s no PVP rankings for it at all?

Was Walerin just missed when updates were made for PvP analysis, or is Walerin just so bad that it’s not worth analyzing?

Tricky to use

2 Nukes Charge move withthe third one not really a can be use as a bait or chip damage moves while the Fast move is a hard hitting slow one (Waterfsll, i am not fammiliar with Frostbreat in PvP but there’s a reason people prefer powder snow or ice shard) make it use is limited.
Some very good trainer maybe can use it in every position using switch tactics, etc, but for not so good trainer like me, i only see it as a last pokemon to use in battle when there are no shield left.

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For pretty much all intents and purposes, Walrein is a worse Lapras in PvP, which is probably why it doesn’t have a PvP analysis. Its quick moves both generate energy slowly, which doesn’t mesh well with its high energy charge move options. For Water-type coverage, it’s limited to Water Pulse which is strictly worse than Lapras’s Surf (and is a pretty bad move in general). It also has less bulk than Lapras, so it can’t soak hits quite as well.

I think even Cloyster fares better in PvP compared to Walrein by virtue of having access to Avalanche (crazy good move) and Icy Wind (debuff shenanigans).

Edit: Walrein does look creepy though. It’s a damn clown walrus! If your opponent has a fear of clowns, they may just concede? So it has that going for it.


Sealeo has use in Great League but Walrein in Ultra League is just too slow. There are better Ice users.


Nothing to add here in the analysis because as posted before, lapras and sealeo fare much better in PvP than walrein. But walrein seems a good candidate to get a CD someday, and with a proper moveset it can shine. It only needs better moves, and niantic has all the tools to make it amazing: powder snow, water gun, surf, icy wind, avalanche, body slam among others.
I’m looking forward to that day because I love the walrus. It can shake the meta like a champ given the right moves