Walhart Has Begun

Now +3. Just wondering if I should use my last 20k for Galeforce or for Brady… Or another Walhart merge.


A PP skill instead of a Solo?

I was gonna give him Atk/Spd Solo and Galeforce from Yarne (haven’t pressed the Inherit button yet lol) but I don’t know if it’s really worth it is he’s gonna be running Galeforce.

I mean yeah, Yarne is probably the better unit to fodder because he has both Solo and Galeforce in his kit, but what’s the point of the Solo if he’s most likely not gonna be attacked on enemy phase with the Galeforce build…

And if I do want him to tank on Enemy phase, I’d rather run a different build altogether.

Or at least that’s what I’m convincing myself to do… I’m still very hesitant for some reason. Lol.

Hm… Although Guard effects exist. Even if running a Galeforce build, there’s no guarantee he’ll actually proc it because of things like Special Fighter. Ugh.

This build… crafted by a true mastermind.

I’m not sorry

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Well, I run my Dimitri galeforce in mixed phase.

Being able to take some enemy phase hits helps a lot to charge galeforce.

Dammit, why must you. It’s hard enough as it is. :sob:

Okay, so Atk/Spd Solo is the better option here then? I dunno, I need guidance on which to pick. Lol.

Well, both are viable

In Walhart’s case I might say maybe swift sparrow has a lot of merrit
He doesn’t have super high spd, so every point counts.

And he’ll still be able to tank well.

The difference isn’t big enough that I’d axe another valuable unit anyway.

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@Kroeger and I just need one more copy to finish my Walhart!

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I should have enough Grails to get him to +9, but I’m a bit low on feathers, lol.


I just need feathers and I went stacking defense because I liked his atk how high it was already plus I didn’t have atk/spd solo. I swap brazens around when I have to.


Heh, babies!


I see galeforce this way : if he proc, another unit will die. If not it’s ok, Walhart doesn’t need special for killing unit! (Outside of the huges physicals red wall).
But yes, a galeforce per player phase is optimal, but sometimes you just can’t.
And I can tell you in AR special denying isn’t very common, it’s often more on offense than defense, and even with a special denying, you just have to dance him for making galeforce proc on another unit because you have already killed the first one