Want builds to do an Eirika emblem

Here are my girls


Three reds


Yeah, it’s pretty unbalanced but I guess it can work (?). Especially if you like her



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If someone ask, SM!Eirika is supported by brave Ephraim :feh_disgusting:

Well W!Eirika was My first 5* that I summoned with my orbs, L!Eirika was My first Legendary hero and SM Erika was My first red 5* mage pity breaker, nothing with OG Eirika, I have some hystory maybe

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What did you do with the free Mage Eirika?

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I’m using it, the pitybreaker had -vel +def

@Thehalohedgehog your…





I inserted an audio piece of PA!Olivia saying “time to shine” and Halo is the local Eirika expert I remember so it’s their “time to shine” (show their expertiseness)

Ah VavavaavavavavavavaavavavavavavavavavavVavavavavavVavavava


I see one infantry, one armored and two cavalry, my mind is screaming
TACTIC SPAM :ardenwoke:

You can use winter Eirika as an Absorb tank with Absorb, miracle as special, close counter as A slot and vengeful fighter as B slot. Or a regular healer (but then use armored boot for letting her keep the pace of the others Eirikas)

For legendary Eirika she already come with a nice kit, just swap her C slot for a tactic one, and dual wave isn’t really good… So a S slot that boost her player phase potential is nice like sturdy blow. Galeforce is nice (swap her B slot then) or Sol as special is also nice for keeping her healthy and act as a pseudo aether for 3cd (with lunar brace)

For SM!Eirika, her basekit work wonderfull, just swap her prfto bladetome because her prf isn’t that good. Moonbow/glimmer as special and offensive S slot too like brazen atk/spd or darting blow. If you play her with bladetome, make sure she’ll be at least atk and spd buffed (but a spectrum +6buff would be better)

For OG!Eirika, fury is nice, desperation isn’t what I would give her, more like a supportive B slot like a chill or a link. I would go for +atk (as her atk is lackluster) or +spd if she’ll be atk buffed.

Swap all their C slot for tactic skills. Just make sure to put speed tactic on W!Eirika because she won’t need it.

That’s all.


Hey sorry I didn’t see this sooner, I was at work.

Well I’ve got a few things to say. Like others said, the lack of color diversity is a problem for this team. Not much you can do about it though.

First off, I’d ditch mage Eirika’s prf for a blade tome. Her prf isn’t very good, so a blade tome is basically always better.

Second I’d try and get the non healer Eirikas to the same attack stat. That way they can all get W!Eirika’s staff and C buff (I’m assuming that’s her default staff, can’t read it) this is how I do it for example.


Obviously adjust for your own accordingly. Alternatively you could go the tactics route, since they have the movement diversity to run it.


Cant belive yall didn’t @ me. fake