Want opinions on who to include on Support Roster

So, first and foremost: I do not want people recommending things like “Merlin with CLT” or any of the other “standard” answers. After all, those types of rosters are extremely common, and I see no reason to be a carbon copy; my roster wouldn’t actually be helpful.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, on to the Servants in question.

I’ve been debating primarily over the Servants that I have in my All, Archer, and Caster slots, or more accurately, whether to have a Caster or Archer in the All spot. For Archers, I have NP5 Tomoe, NP5 Emiya, and I also have Ishtar, but she’s NP1 and I haven’t really invested much into her. For Casters, I have NP2 Waver, Tamamo, and Nero Caster. (I also have Merlin, but as stated, he’s rather common in Support rosters, so I’m not planning on using him.) I’ve been debating back and forth about what would be most important for someone borrowing one of my Servants, but I’ve gotten a bit stuck.

One the one hand, I have a ST Archer and an AoE Archer both at NP5. I’ve invested more into Tomoe than Emiya, both they’re both still fairly useful. I could put both of them on the Roster, but that would mean that I’d have to choose between the Caster Supports and the DPS Caster.

On the other hand, I have the big Supports and a decent AoE Damage Caster. I could put both of the Supports on the Roster, but then I wouldn’t have the DPS. I could put the DPS and a Support, but then I’ll have to choose between which Archer to use.

Really, I just want to learn what people feel is more important. Any help is appreciated.

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If you’re actively avoiding what many players are looking for (Merlin and the usual suspects with CLT, ML), then I’d say to opt for the other major thing they might be looking for: novelty and rarity. Or choose a non-standard Servant and stick them with CLT or whatever, I suppose.

Nero Caster is actually very useful overall, so she’s a good pick for being “not Merlin” and still being something players might appreciate. And…she’s Nero, which is a bonus for a lot of people. Tamamo is the support Caster whom Arts people love but often have a hard time finding on support, so there’s that as well.

If all else fails, just put up the Servants you like the best or you want to share because they don’t seem to be as common because of lack of rate-ups, because you’ve grailed/fou’d them, or for the hell of it.


Keep Caster Nero, got it. :joy:
I personally always have a hell of a time when looking for DPS Casters on the Support Screen, but it usually ends up being Nero or Sanzang, depending on what the Node is.

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Yeah, DPS Casters are both rare and rarely wanted, sadly. Nero at least is a strong general-purpose farmer and is great for many events. Merlin’s ass is firmly glued to my Caster slot, but I have swapped him out occasionally with my Sanzang, Ilya, or Nitocris depending on the event and any bonuses.

This is however what people want, either Merlin + CLT or Waver + CLT at high end. The helpfulness of your support lineup changes depending on how is the majority of the players on your friends list.
At high end, player have their own point servant and basically always pick caster support for bond farming, so Waver + CLT is the most helpful pick. The rest of your support lineup hardly matter.
If the majority of your friends are beginners having strong farmer like Raikou, Ishtar with Kscope would certainly be much more useful.
So it’s hard for outsiders like most people here to answer you.

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This is very true.

Whenever I think people might want my NP5 Raikou with MLB Scope, I put her up and watch as she gets largely ignored. The most active people in my friends list appear not to want to borrow my point Servants and big farmers except during relevant events, but I’m sure that’s not the same for everyone.

It’s kind of boring, but most of my friends pick for CLT and ML regardless of other considerations. I still leave some picks like Cu Alter up since he’s a godsend for newer players.

You have a photo of your roster?

Not sure if you meant my current support roster or my full roster, so here’s both:

During farm heavy events, put EMIYA in the archer slot.

He can farm well (NP5 and you did his NP interlude+ST quests, right?), and thanks to the crits of Hawkeye, he can work as boss deleter as well.

While Lunchtime Waver allways gives me a lot of FP, if you want to be more versatile in your offer, kkeep CasNero with a 50% starting CE. Holy Night Supper, Sumo, Partake with the King or Aerial Drive.

I do apreciate more Tamamos overall, as she gets overshadowed by the other god-tier supports, but to be honest, my 2030 Tamamo on All is never picked…is allways Waver, and sometimes, lv20 Kaleido Raikou.

Yeah, I’ve done all the rank ups and interludes for him.

You have a good support list,i thing you are fine, don’t put Merlin in the caster stock because everyone have a Merlin in that stock so a DPS is a good change

I’m well aware…


Like Gou said, if you’re not gonna play to the meta, be interesting.

Though honestly unless you have a lot of newbies, you should work on levels and skills before you worry about your support setup.

Lots of people sort by Atk so you’ll end up at the bottom of your servants are still at Lv 70.

I’m working on that, but as I’m sure you noticed in the pictures of my full roster… I’m rather overwhelmed with a large number of Servants. This thread is partly also to help me make up my mind on who to get to max.

If it helps, I’d look at the requirements for a few Servants you think you want to level and compare their mats to see which other Servants need the same for their Ascension or skills.

Nothing worse than blowing a few of some random mat on a whim and later realizing that a Servant you really want to focus on needs 200 of it.

Already ran into that problem. And I think Gears and Stakes are the biggest hurt rn. (Dammit, Eresh…)

Stakes and gears will both be available with the impending KnK rerun IIRC from the spreadsheet, so at least there’s that in addition to the daily gears for this month.

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Thank god. Doesn’t the KnK rerun also have Hearts? I need some of those, too.


Yes, I think so.

It should.

Have you cleared Salem yet? There’s a Heart/Stake node with pretty decent rates for both. I farm that whenever I need hearts and so I’m typically sitting on a decent pile of stakes.