Want to E2 a husbando help

Ok so. I’m a casual player and not really looking to clear all of contingency contract. As long as I’m able to clear story stages and events, I’m a happy boi. I’m also addicted to collecting fictional anime men.

My main goal in arknights is to just eventually have a full team of husbandos lol

But now that my… main roster is complete, I’m wondering what I’m lacking right now. So far I’m working towards Elysium E2 even though I have no good snipers- I do really need an aoe sniper but I really don’t feel like promoting Meteorite as I like Sesa’s character a lot more (but I don’t have him cri)

Husbando > Meta but I still don’t want to waste resources on an operator that’s completely useless. So… who should I promote next… ;;


Husbando > Meta

There’s your answer right there.

I’ve never E2’d any of my aoe snipers. E1 max is more than enough for most content.

With all you said…Executor (no bias I promise)
But yeah working towards Elysium E2 is a good thing for now

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Ahhh… with later content e2 is definitely helpful but yeah, it’s really not needed


YES Executor :relieved: he’d work well with Elysium’s sniper buff as well


As someone whose already got a great meta team going and has ended up at the stage of needing to decide how to pick the units to e2 and settled on exactly that husbando material (with any new 6 star acquired jumping the line) I would say that since you already have Silverdaddy and his assassin/mailman/number one Supporter courier as well as thorns and are working on his boyfriend Elysium. Also phantom. Executor could be a good choice altho his other half flamebringer seems to be out of reach for you for now. I might suggest Leonhardt and ayerscape they are a great ship/pair hung is a good Boi but he’s not great without Aak as the steroid boost aak can provide for hung makes him much more useful and worth the investment also again power couple.

Units outside your 3 pictures that you may or may not have I’d suggest getting or maxing is Ethan he’s just plain fun and niche enough to be useful as well.

Broca is a key husbando your missing he’s got great arms…like really great arms. Also I enjoy his 2 other companions in his trio of ex mafia members/construction crew aosta and chiave (its funny cause they all use giant versions of building tools which can also be seen as instruments of extreme torture lol giant drill and buzzsaw/giant pliers/ nail gun)

Hellagur is the military daddy if your into that sorta thing

But dont forget mountain is on the horizon aka tiger daddy and with him should come a boost to the brawler guard class too.

As you can probably tell I’ve also been raising my units in pairs give or take a few that go single (or in the ex mafia boys case trio). So it might not be for you. Sorry this got long I just never really see any other guys talking about collecting husbandos so I got excited lol

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I mean, you can make use most of your male operators just fine to clear normal content. So no need to worry about wasting your resource and all. And your Current roster is already as meta as it can be when you do need a fire power, you got Thorns, ifrit, Saria, Blaze and a great sniper in BP. You can pretty much clear all the content there is in arknights, aside from high risk CC. You also raised two buffers in Suzuran and Saria with S3. So you can use them to burst down bosses if needed. If i were to make suggestion. You should raise a normal defender, you can raise Bison if you want to and he will serve well enough when you need a defender with manual defensive skill. Then maybe shining since you might need that extra range when ptilopsis isn’t quite covering your operators. The defense buff from S3 is really nice, too. For cheaper but still very versatile healer, you can raise Silence. Even on E1 Silence is still pretty darn good with her drones having short intervals in between uses.

I don’t think there are operators that’s notably bad. Maybe underperforming, but not overly so. I find Aosta to be an inferior version of Executor, for example