Want to get involved?

Our GamePress Writers team is united by a single common purpose – to help players enjoy their mobile games. The majority of us create and publish guides, articles, and analyses, but never forget that at the end of the day, we’re not so different than everyone else. But why do we write here at GamePress as opposed to on a wiki? Well, there are two main reasons:

1. We work as a team, not alone.

We believe that two minds are better than one, and regularly collaborate and review each other’s content. This way, we greatly reduce individual biases and challenge one another to stay on top of the metagame. When one of us is stuck, others step in to help jumpstart some ideas. In a GamePress team, our common vision motivates us to support each other. We want our users to get the best content possible.

2. Ad revenue goes back to contributors or a charity of their choice.

At GamePress, revenue goes back to the contributors while the remaining goes to server costs and paying rent. If contributors prefer, they can donate that money to a charity of their choice.

For profit wikis on the other hand operate much differently. These sites have hundreds of thousands of hours of work invested in them but the resulting ad revenue instead goes to the company and their investors.

GamePress and community-run sites like https://gbf.wiki/ don’t have any venture capital or investors, meaning we can make decisions that don’t always prioritize revenue.

I want to join a Team!

If it were possible, we’d take everyone! Unfortunately, because of real life :tm: , it’s physically impossible for us to maintain a gigantic team while producing consistent, top-quality content. We keep our official writer teams limited in size to keep things efficient and moving along. In addition, our Writers treat their role with diligence and responsibility – if something needs to be done, someone will step up to the job. Joining our Team should not be done for a fancy title, or to post something once and then go off on your own.

When a Team has an opening, the Site Lead will do one of two things (sometimes both):

1. Post an official announcement in the forum.

Depending on the size of the site/userbase, this may result in a selection process that requires application. Specific instructions on how they plan on recruiting people will be put in the post.

2. Directly contact users who have gone above and beyond, personally inviting them.

Sometimes, certain users have already demonstrated excellent writing and analysis. These users, because they are held in high regard by the staff and community, may be invited by the Site Lead to join the Team directly.

But you don’t always have to wait – get in contact with the Site Lead if you’re interested! They can tell you the current state of the team and will become familiar with you. If you keep on contributing on the forum, it may work in your favor when recruitment does roll around.

I’d like to submit some content to be published!

Say you’ve created an article or analysis that has impressed the entire community, and want to share it with more people! GamePress can give you the platform needed to make sure your shared knowledge reaches as many players as possible without requiring you to commit significant time to our Team.

If you would like to request that something you wrote be hosted on site, please send a Private Message (PM) to the Site Lead and link them your article. If the Site Lead publishes it to GamePress, you will receive due credit and proper compensation (either to your account or a charity of your choice)!

I want to help out the forum!

If you’re more interested in helping out the forum community here, look for some Forum Teams to join! Right now, aside from the Moderator Team, there aren’t any, but they should start popping up about a week into the forum’s launch!

Moderator Team

Here on the forum, we have a set of dedicated volunteers – the Moderators. In short, they assist users with any questions that pop up and also make sure that forum rules are followed.

Although each Moderator has forum-wide abilities, each have their own preferences in which section they frequent. If you have questions about a particular category, directing them to the appropriate mod will get you the fastest response! Each category will have its mods listed at the top.