Want to Summon Abraham Lincoln?


Imagine summoning Abe Lincoln. You know what I am talking about right? Code Name STEAM.
A game made by IS that nobody cared about that much.
Do you guys think it might be possible that anyone from that game might be added as a summonable hero?
And what about Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE?
Do you guys think these might do well if they were added to Heroes?


I think about Abraham Lincoln every day


Or better yet, Benjamin Franklin.


Probably should describe Code Name Steam. It is team that is lead by Abraham Lincoln to stop aliens from invading Earth. Weird but interesting plot.


It’s like that episode of the Fairly Odd Parents


I was thinking more about this man.


I dont care how much Holliwood tries to convince me otherwise but John Adams will always be the best founding father. Would whale but otherwise I keep my orbs. Might spend a few orbs for Jeffereson


What a shock everytime we summon him


Even though I never bought the original game, I freaking loved the Demo.

I also never fully completed the Demo because levels do take a good amount of planning and time to beat, and I had to do another thing, and just never got back to it.