Wanted Eir, got HMyrrh in the process. How’s her DC game?

Here’s my past hour: saved up to 1300 orbs, but desperately wanted Eir to Mystic Boost up my Aversa. Ended spending near 500 orbs with like four other 5* pulls alongside Eir.

BUT I GOT EIR, THAT’S A VICTORY IN MY BOOK :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

Anywho, I got a +atk-res Scary Myrrh in the process and I have like four spare Hectors, two Legendary. Anyone who has a Distant Counter Scary Myrrh, wanna vouch on how good she is? I’m not committed to the idea but if I hear some good praise, I can give it a go :)

Here’s the Aversa in her final form:

She’s a great unit with DC, however, since she’s -Res she’ll be struggling in some matchups. With +Atk and adaptive damage, she can KO squishy red and green mages who aren’t running Mystic Boost but some reds will still be able to KO if H!Myrrh doesn’t kill them in the counter attack. Especially since her Spd is so low and her weapon doesn’t prevent followups like her original version. You could always go for a pure PP H!Myrrh with Sturdy Blow in A as a budget skill and a Brazen/Bond in seal.

Here’s mine:

As an added note, Reinhardts will almost always KO H!Myrrh. I tried running several builds at low merges versus the atypical +10 Reinhardt with his optimized set, and he still KOs her. She did manage to survive 1 encounter with some gimmick set but I would keep her away from blue mages at all costs.

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looks at pic

You madman!

…or mad Myrrh I suppose… lol

But Sturdy Blow is a fantastic thought that would’ve never crossed my mind, so thanks! And the Brazen idea as well, but I have way more Athena’s than Ares’s.

Thanks for the Blue’s Clue as well lol. I have a +10 Poleaxe Sheena with DC so they can go on all sorts of fantastic adventures together.