Wanted to know if im going to be alright in Lost Belt with my list of servants


Would getting passionlip up help me out more?

more than alright. don’t worry about it.

you can solo ana with ozy. borrow jack to solo the tree. use shiki against ivan.

honestly, i was in a worse spot on my jp account, and i just borrowed peoples wavers, merlins, and dpss. you have a decent line up already. just look ahead at what the battle looks like and go forward from there.

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i know nothing of lostbelt, just knew it was harder so was worried, ty

The Lostbelts get harder later. As they are now, they’re about the same difficulty to the EoR singularities with LB1 and 2 I believe.

Our friend @The_Cheeseman shared a screenshot of someone’s support list with post-LB1 Mash outfit and a mishmash of severely underskilled and mostly underleveled others.

You’ll be fine.

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nah. salem and shimousa were harder imo.

lb2 especially. damn forced support servants.


Don’t forget that someone beat the Anastasia fight with a level 20 Asterios

Most LB fights are trivial (not much different from farming) but you’ll have 2 or 3 fights where difficulty skyrockets.
The lack of top tier support means that it will most likely not be a smooth journey though it doesn’t mean you can’t clear LB (and in worst case you can always use CS they’re there for that).

Objectively starting LB2, LBs are harder than any EoR including Shimosa, people struggle with Shimosa because forced Musashi introduce a big difficulty spike for players who doesn’t own their own top support.

It doesn’t prove anything though, I have once bought an account post LB4 with lvl1 servants only. It was most likely hacked by the seller.

Not that it’s important for this thread’s purpose, but no, that didn’t appear to be the case.

Honestly, you’re good to go for LB1 really isn’t all that hard. When I made my JP account all I had to my name were Summer Jalter, Paris, Salieri, Jason, Roberts, and Hans entering LB1. And only Jalter and Paris were the only ones had Fous at the time. And I just basically threw Jalter at everything that moved with the help of a support Waver/Merlin. Comparing that with your servants I’d say it’d be way easier.