Warding Stance 4

I forgot that I had a minus atk fallen berkut and wanted to fodder him off. Got any options in mind ? I was going to fodder him off to shigure but wasn’t to sure about doing that


Itsuki, make him a better dragon killer


Well, it’s best on slow, defencive units expected to fight dragons and mages.
Got any units that fit that bill?


Slower end phase units. Multiphase units don’t really use it that effectively compared to end phase ones.

Actually lemme rephrase that…

They don’t have to be slow, just end phase oriented.

Fjorm, Duo Alfonse, Yune,Brave Miciah, Fallen Tiki, Ross.

Of those I’d say Fjorm would use it best

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Antimages appreciate it greatly.

I use it on H!Sakura, personally, but more readily-available antimages like Felicia can run it well also.


Mine is minus res :confused:

Like I edited my comment to say, there are nore readily-available antimages that can run it too. Felicia, for example.

Say no more.

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Oh wow, never thought of that build :open_mouth:

Mines pretty basic

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This could work

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Oh I understood what you meant. I’ve got brunnya as a candidate as well

The single-stat stance skills are pretty niche, and now that the dual stat skills are coming out, I’m hard-pressed to recommend anyone. Ideally you want to put it on a unit that has DC/CC in their weapon and only really wants to tank dragons and tomes. That list is pretty small - maybe any of the micaiah’s or julia/deirdre.

I’m sure there’s a better answer, but I can’t think of any. Mirror Stance 3 exists.

It’s short-lived :crying_cat_face: Mirror Stance is just so much better. I think it’s really hard to find a user for this skill now. The dual skills really made warding/steady stance 4 sort of second tier skills now :/

Mirror stance exists and is better yeah.
But you’re not gonna have mirror stance for every unit that you could give warding to.


Mirror Stance is better, true, but for many the attack increase really isn’t totally necessary.

Of course, if it comes down to Mirror Stance 3 or Warding Stance 3 as far as readily available fodder then go with the former, but anyone that can use Mirror Stance can use Warding Stance. Most of the time anyway.


Duofonse accepts only CC as his A skill

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MS3 is on a single unit who has appeared on one banner. Why does everyone feel the need to tout this around as the be-all-end-all of res-tanking A skills when very few people have it, and no one will have further access to it anytime soon

I guess, for me, I use so few units in practice that if I’m going to use a unit, I’m going to want to put the right skills on it.

Probably because it’s arguably the best resistance tanking A skill. :thinking: