Wartortle in PVP?

What’s everybody’s opinion on wartortle in the great league? Say someone (I) find myself lacking hydro cannon. Would a maxed out (or close) wartortle be worth it or are there better options right away?Hi!

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Clearly there are better options. Qwilfish is strictly better, and doesn’t need that much investment. Also there are dozens of good GL Water types out there, such as Azumarill, Lanturn and Tentacruel.

Azumarill is very good in GL, for the little that I’ve played it. Other good Water types are Lapras and Swampert (with HC).

There are too many better options. In the same level of investment, Azumarill is arguably the king of water types in GL, but there are other cheap options that perform amazing, like Whiscash, Qwillfish, Lapras, Lanturn. The dual typing makes the whole difference, especially if you plan to compete in themed cups like from Silph Arena. Just my 2p.