Was this too much? I fear this may have been too much

I just did and tried this on the latest Chain Challenge. At least it was certainly fun.

I may give her Kestrel 3 at some point. Leanne got DW from one of the 2 B!Edel Manuals I had.


Time to test her! Would you show us how is she against the modern threats?

Also could it be the most invested Sothis in the world? :feh_faepanic:


I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it today, but I’ll probably give her a twirl at some point in Arena or AA starting tomorrow, but the Chain Challenge went very well. The thieves were very easy, even if the Duo happened to hit hard, she’d just one-shot and healed fully or pretty much fully.

Flame Lyn and Muspell are obviously too strong for her alone for several reasons, but she was able to bait and kill whichever one with all their skills active with Leanne’s support and a bit of Dimitri’s Atk/Def Menace in Muspell’s case, didn’t need Spd Smoke for it. Muspell did leave me at 3 HP with one hit in those conditions.

I’m sure there are more, but mine should at least be one of the most expensive ones.


Nothing is too much for The Beginning. Congrats on all those skills, she looks awesome.


funny, my leanne also runs s/d near trace and Inf. spd tactic for my tempest trials/pve content team

watching brave dimitri roid up on speed and get full nfu from leanne is a drug


Hey, your Sothis reminds me of my own :feh_sothispout: And your Leanne reminds me of my Reyson (I also have Leanne at +6 with Distant Ward but the rest of her kit is pretty basic)

I did consider giving her Dragon’s Wrath 4 but I gave it to H!Sothis instead. Good for arena scoring and post-remix Sothis didn’t really powercreep her halloween alt anyways…

Still a bit bitter about her refine so I haven’t used her much. It looks like her place will remain PvE. I have a Sothis emblem theme which I use for Abyssals. The refine helps out with those at least.

Cool Sothis :feh_tobinice:


I did some testing in AA today, maybe I’ll do more later in the week.

Let it be clear that I’m only using Sing to get her into the fight and sometimes test Spd Smoke 4 results. So no double initiation going on. If I initiate against someone, then I EP the rest that turn. Both of Sothis’ Atk and Spd get buffed by +6, which I think is fair, since foes are generally gonna be getting buffs too if not outright ignoring mine.

Foes should all be +10, I’m starting with a high scoring Fire team.

I could have beaten this Fae if I didn’t insist on facing her while she’s on a defensive tile and I’m outside, but that’s that. Had to take out a Duo Chrom and Duo Corrin and something else, and obviously Leanne didn’t deal that damage.

Whether or not she can manage to eventually ko a L!Julia is very dependant on circumstances. I’m not gonna hold it against base Sothis if she can’t kill refined Julia, it’s already enough that she can resist her a couple times.

This one went well. Seliph left at 1 HP after first EP engagement, then I killed him during the second EP.

And this one felt very good at the end. The missing enemy was a Duo Chrom that died in turn one. Resisting Nanna only with DR is obviously impossible, so she’s the best target for initiation.


wow that’s impressive! Did she survive that summer Edelgard as well?

My Sothis is +6 and I’m trying to get more copies in the current banner but no red stones as usual…

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Only through Spd Smoke 4 (and NFU support), but yes. 71% reduction on first hit and 40% on the second. Without Spd Smoke active, I think it’s impossible (even if she somehow doesn’t kill you in one initiation, she’ll kill you in the second).

You could theoretically use Deflect Melee to secure that matchup, but it would heavily hinder most.

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