Watanabe no Tsuna General Discussion

Watanabe is a new general pool 4* Buster saber. He’s currently the 20th 4* Saber in FGO (with another 5 in JP), the 9th non-limited (with 1 more in JP), but only the 4th Buster (and only the 3rd ST). But really, he’s just a more modern Rama. He has high attack (3rd overall) but low HP (4th worst). He doesn’t have any special passives that make him stand out, but his 3rd append is Anti-Berserker so he’ll get some use from that.


S1 is a combo crit star pull buff and crit damage - for 3 turns, his Busters will have 600% more gather weight. For damage, it’s 50% generally for 3 hits. This is good and bad. The good: that’s a solid draw weight on his Busters, and Buster crits are :fgo_buster: It also has some leeway if you don’t get crit stars all on one turn, as you can potentially spread the damage out to 1 hit each turn for 3 turns, smashing through multiple break bars. The bad: 50% crit damage isn’t that much on its own anymore, with many people packing double that in just their own buffs.

S2 is a 1-turn buff to Arts star weight (also 600%), a 1-turn buff to NP gain (50%), and a 1-turn Evade. While more NP gain is always good, especially when paired with Arts crit, this skill I don’t like because the CD is just way too long. It’s 6 turns at max, so you get this effect only 1 out of 6 turns, whereas the Buster absorb will be active more often than not at 3/5 turns. Not only that, but Evade is worse than an Invincibility for a turn, so I’d excuse the longer CD if it had that or it was a 3 hit Evade that could carry over between turns but nope :fgo_circesigh:

S3 is his best skill. It is another Buster buff - 40% for 3 turns - and a Sure Hit for 3 turns. It also packs an AoE Crit Chance down on enemies, but that’s niche. But 40% Buster + his high attack + 50% crit damage is good.

Noble Phantasm:

Ooeyama - Bodai Kisatsu
Mount Ooe - Enlightened Oni Slayer
is a ST Buster NP that has 2 damage mods - a flat 200% to Oni enemies, and then an OC-based mod vs. Demonic enemies for 1 turn. Oni fits a few servants - Suzuka, Beni-enma, both Tomoes/Ibukis/Ibarakis/Shutens, and the dinolady. 3 of those are Berserkers so he’d also get his 3rd append to work. Enemy mobs are Ghouls and Onis basically.

Demonic is a larger class - it’s mostly the same Servants (not Suzuka or Beni-enma) but then adds more - 21 total summonable, and 2 enemy NPCs.

For mobs, again if they’re Oni they’re also Demonic except for Suzuka and Beni, and Demonic is a wider class. Ghosts, Bicorns, Black Samurai, Cerberus, Demons, Ghouls, Gazers, Giant Hermit Crabs, Giant Demon Boars, Hydras, Zombie, Undead, Soul Eaters, Skeletons, Scarecrows - all Demonic. And that’s just a partial list. As coverage goes, it’s pretty good. Also, the Oni damage is only on NP but the Demonic damage is for the full turn, so a Brave chain will benefit from the multiplier as well.

For damage: without traits, it’s 32.2k—>53.7k. Against just Oni (so just Suzuka/Beni) it’s a range of 64.4k—>107.4k. Against just Demonic it’s 38.6k—>64.4k. Against both, it’s 77.3k—>128.9k.

Rama, who is also Anti-Demonic on NP but has an NP interlude, does 53.2k—>79.7k vs that trait, so sometimes he’s going to hit harder, and sometimes he won’t.

His NP damage is lower than 3* Bedivere at any equal NP level, and basically the same at any NP level as Rama without traits. If you have welfare Brave Liz, her damage at NP5 is in the middle of NP4/NP5 Watanabe.


He’s fine. He isn’t really special in any way. If you have Demonic enemies, he’ll hit pretty hard. If you love Buster crit (and don’t have/don’t like Suzuka) then he’s fine. If you have Arts options like Saberlot, Hajime, or Hokusai; or Quick options like Saber Diarmuid or Summer Fran, he’s not going to get much use (also upcoming welfare Karna Santa). I forgot he existed for a long time and will probably forget him again in a month or so.

But I’m willing to listen to reasons I’m wrong.


I’m the first comment woooo

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I like his first stage asc

I like a katana user servant that only wears very normal outfit, no armor, flame, or have a bright color theme like musashi

Same reason why i really love old man yagyu’s 1st stage asc, i really can’t stand his armor lol


Salieri called, he wants his dignity back.

On topic, I wanted to have him as Caesar replacer, but I guess I’m going to be using SOYboi for longer with just NP1 Watanabe as alternative.

Got him to NP3 and then realized he’s gen-pool, so he only gets 30 coins per copy… I have to get him to Bond 6 before I can unlock anything! At least Bond 5 is finally finished.

More like Watanabe no Tsundere.


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It is kinda funny that only after (during) the story that I realized his 1st and 2nd ascension is basically the same with an extra hat. They just keep using those 2 images to indicate he is pulling out/putting away his sword

I see your ned, and raise yu


His design is god tier but he’s a walking L gameplay wise. Even though they’re completely unrelated lore wise he gives me the impression that he’s supposed to be the Dante to Saito Hajime’s Vergil.

He’s simple, a crit dps with a way to charge NP with arts crits in the style of Yagyu.
Not amazing, but 40% high uptime buster with solid crit damage is pretty good.

He’s on my list of servants that could really benifit off a simple buff.
In his case getting his first skill to be 3 full turns of 50% crit with maybe a small boost on top of that (small star bomb or battery) and he’d shine a good bit better.

Poor Tsuna.

It’s okay, Ibaraki loves you. Sort of.

He’s perfectly okay, his kit design is a bit different but is missing native star provision.

Damn, we got over 10 responses. I was privately betting that it wouldn’t even get that many posts.


Most of it is just memes/jokes anyway. You could probably get it checked for authenticity. :fgo_moriartywink:

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I just came to make fun of his haircut


I rescued it just to prove you wrong.


If only Tsuna could have been rescued from his hairdresser too


Eh, some chicks dig the kpop boy bowl-cut.

Now that I think about it, a functional but not outstanding kit except going ham against Oni is kinda fully in character for Tsuna