Watched the anime / Babylonia

Hello, a quick question. If I watched FGO Babilonia anime, should I skip all the story in the game? Or is it worth it to read it? I don’t know, maybe the story in the game is far more complex and rich. What do you think?

The anime skip over some stuff that are in the story, but if you watched the anime you can just skip through the story.


Is worth ir, they skip some good thing and honestly is one of the singularitis with best story of a reason
And you have time there aren’t soon lot of events that need you to clean Babilonia,so you have time

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You can skip it, though like others said they skipped some good moments in the anime.

Don’t worry though, you can just skip all of them then reread the story later on so you can do events.

Read the game story to appreciate how much BS Kodachi has packed into his episodes.


Towards the end there’s special artwork which is amazing! (More than standard background with ascension gif) it’s part of why I liked Babylonia so much. Also some of the fights change difficulty based on your speech choices.

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No. First of all, the anime only covers the one Singularity, not the whole game. Second, it’s still not worth skipping the story in Babylonia, even with the anime. It’s a really good Singularity with a really good story, so don’t just skip the story in it.


I’d skip.

Who really has time for all that reading anyways?

It’s like in school when you had the cliffsnotes you weren’t gonna go back and read the book.

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I consider the game singularity way better than the anime, but maybe that’s just me.

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Oh is good, exept in the dead of Leónidas and the gorgon vs Ushi fight,are the worst part of the singularity,but the rest is a pretty good VN for a movil game