Watching some AR replays wondering why I was doing pretty good on Def this season

Since I was wondering why I have 5 wins and 2 losses when Astra/Anima season is my worst season for both… then I realized… even tho Kronya has Dark Blessing I have her on my Anima Def team… and with the extra bonus stats… she was wrecking havic for some of the people… that and people went in with mostly melee ranged units and Oboro is their… so that didn’t help them


My defence is doing meh this week. But this weeks offense is nearly perfect and I have 2 ladders left. Tier 21 probably for the first time this week.

Is Kronya really that good on defense tho? I suppose not many people run Hardy Bearing on offense :feh_eirikathink:


Kronya work’s best on Def during Anima season since you don’t have to worry about Eir’s auto heal’s and Duma’s turn 1 Chip Damage lowering their HP so that she gets the insta vantage and Atk/Spd buff effect from her weapon… and yah I don’t really see too many Hardy Bearing units on my Def replays

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Oh right Duma!

And the lack of healing towers or Hardy Bearing users means that Kronya is actually pretty good. I see :feh_marththink:
Especially with bonus stats

This is the first season where I’m doing pretty well in defense (4W-2L) because I actually started to learn what to do in AR-D (ie. how to reduce lift loss). Ignore the fact that I’ve been playing on and off since launch.

When I was watching defense replays, one of my foes starts his first turn positioning and breaking stuff (pretty standard). In his second turn, he wrecks my L!Chrom with Yune; fair enough. Then… He quits. I guess he messed up or something.

This little monster has been having fun this season. Flanked by two Dumas, Thrasir, Aversa @66Hp, and Gunnthra, she always hits first. And even if she doesn’t, Gunny isn’t far behind with 57 Atk, Glimmer, and powered up by them debuffs. I’ve had a lot of laughs seeing surrenders after the first round of attacks.