Wave 5/6 DLC Rumors! (Spoilers ahead!)

So, ya’ll are here. Not sure if you guys/gals know, but rumors and some small amounts of evidence have rumored regarding more Waves of DLC for 3H. Now, what the heck could we get to make this better? Well, this is just a topic to talk about what we’d like, really. I do have 2 ideas.

Fifth is probably some more added nonsense. Nothing insane, or crazy, or really anything game changing. I would enjoy a free revamp of S Support Cinematics to match the actual good looks of the ones from the DLC(Which look great, and some are even unique like Constance).

But the 6th DLC. Since they’re doing DLC external to the main story (I feel that its a mistake, but in this case, it can be beneficial instead of hurtful like Ashen Wolves was), they could do a campaign in the past. If you know where I’m going with this, good on you. :feh_thinkinglikelukas:


Spoilers incase you made it this far without reading the title

The one thing we don’t know yet about the game is the whereabouts of Patricia (Edel’s mom), who is likely dead. So that’s not a huge detractor. But Seiros’ past, and interactions with Nemesis, and the Agarthans, are things we’re missing. We have information given to us by two forces that are biased. I for one do believe Rhea more. Even as much as she craves her perfect world, she’s not really known to lie to Byleth, but that’s beside the point.

They could legit make the 6th Wave of DLC (aside from cool added stuff), just the campaign of Nemesis vs Seiros or Vice Versa with some precursor Paralogue for detailed story. I know a lot of people would love the much grittier story, and it would be a great way to cement Rhea, and Nemesis as more than what they are now. We could actually see interactions that are missing, and see the emotions that led to the creation of Rhea’s crazy fixation on a perfect world, and Edel’s on countering her though not knowing the full truth.


But that’s enough about what I want for that 6th DLC. What do you guys want? I’m curious to see what people would want for the game, story or otherwise. Go crazy as always. Cause its more fun that way! :feh_flaynsmile:

PS, Some evidence is the inclusion of an Infernal mode and other content not yet released, but is in game code.


One more batch of classes would be nice. COUGH ARMORED MAGE COUGH
Other than that, I don’t really care what they add, it’s more 3H for me to enjoy :feh_nino:


Point made. Armored Mage would be interesting, gotta admit. If they do the OG 13+Nemesis, they could add some "unique"classes that are unlockable as well. I’m excited nonetheless.


They totally could have made the Empress Class an armored mage.



Also, if they present us the original weilders of the relics i’ll be soooo happy, even if they do like the last DLC, apart from the main story. I want to know Rhea better, as much as I dislike her she is a really good character. Oh, and I’d like more units to pair my people together, not gonna lie.



Memes aside. Yeah, I feel the same. Showing us the relationship between the OG 13, Seiros avenging her Mother+trying to create a perfect world, the 4 Saints, Apostles and Hresvelg would make for one crazy compelling DLC. And I’m sure showing the PoV that Seiros, and the others had to see the tragedy of Zanado through, as well as other situations would make our decisions in 3H’s main game feel much more, conclusive. Like, we’d have full pictures for what we’re fighting for.

Be it Rhea’s Strifeless Paradise, Edel’s Free World, Claude’s Buddy Cop System, or Dimitri’s Honor System.


Considering her Budding Talent in Reason, it should have been.


Omg ! More dlc on the rise ?
I’ll stop my current playthrough.

A new route where Edelgard doesn’t die would be much appreciated.


This, please


I would like a more “usefull”.
Because let’s be serious : outside of the last one, the others were litteraly jokes, 6 bonus battles that give absolutely nothing, not even lore or the likes… 1 additionnal character THAT DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY SUPPORT (Or how to not use a chara AT ALL outside of her special battle), additionnal tenues… who are almost all extremely ugly…

Only the last one was what I considered a REAL dlc… The other are at the level of “free bonuses” at best… even DK got more support lines… (and got an unique class!)
So at the moment it’s at the level (or better) than the last dlc, I’m ok with anything!

The ability to continue playing the game without new game + after you beat the game

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well if there was another dlc, i think they could explore some of the places in fodlan we never get to really see :thinking: like there technically is that one map where you go to brigid but it’s not much

More reused maps :feh_edelfrown:

How about DLC that changes it so Edelgard always dies? :feh_rein:

How about DLC that gives actual map variety to the main story so each route doesn’t feel like I’m playing the same 10 maps over and over and over? You know make the routes actually feel unique map wise instead of “well I have x lord this time but otherwise I can barely tell the difference between this and my previous route map”.



I too want to learn more about the Agarthans and ESPECIALLY Nemesis and the 10 Elites. I think remember the agarthans claiming that they were the first residents of Fodlan until Seiros and the others showed up and I want to know what caused the agarthans had to go into hiding.

As For Nemesis and crew, I just wanna know what they were really like since the Agarthans made them seem like the were just a group of bandits while Seiros and the Empire twisted the truth about them to be unrecognizable.


Kinda a tough thing to ask for when IS made her the central villain of the game for literally ever route but one of them :sweat_smile:


Ashen Wolves has this issue where beating the campaign unlocks the units. Sounds cool, right? Well, the issue is pretty major when you realize that A) Ashen Wolves is an alternate timeline all together because when you recruit the students, they don’t know who you are at all. It removes any, and all of the connections you made with them, and the entire plot never even happens during 4 timelines out of 5 (Ashen Wolves must be this weird fifth plot).

That is why its hurtful. I feel.

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Well, story wise as best we know, most groups know the Agarthans were evil. Or, to be precise. And this is a recurring theme since the early Fire Emblems so I feel that they went with old reliable.

The Agarthans were probably normal people who met Seiros (She may have arrived before or after, doesn’t really change much), and she granted them knowledge and whatnot. Upon instruction and great learning, they grew fearful of the one thing they couldn’t control, the Manakete’s. Taking it upon themselves, they killed them. That enraged Seiros who retalliated. The 10 elites, and Nemesis are likely members of the Agarthans. Or remnants of her attack on them (the one that sent them underground after killing Sothis). That led to Nemesis likely being the catalyst for their revenge. Or something to that level of betrayal.

Since Seiros, for what its worth, doesn’t really lie to Byleth in game. At all. Which is rather, astonishing. You’d expect her to lie more, but I suppose she trusts you enough during Part 1 to do the right thing, so much so that she literally just can’t lie to you.

That makes most sense given FE"s Modus Operandi since the beginning of time. I’d still want to see the 10E +Nemesis and Seiros+4 Saints+4Apostles together. Still worth seeing, though IS’ originality when it comes to reasons why humans attack dragons is rather, lackluster, as a whole.

Honestly , I would prefer general updates to fix things like giving us a preparation menu for chapter 13 or new cinematics for CF.

I am really dissapointed with 3H DLC, compared to Fates or Awakening is very underwhelming.