Wave Clearer Berserker

I think you all have heard about Raikou’s NP upgrade. Now who’s better between Raikou after NP Upgrade or Arjuna Alter? Because i’m NA only player so this is for my plan ahead

Raikou needs to hit one of her niches to beat Arjuna Alter at the same NP level, plus he has a battery.

Honestly Altjuna is so busted he’s near impossible to beat.


Against one of her niches Raikou is slightly stronger. Against both Demonic and Earth/Sky she is superior.

If the enemy is not Demonic or Earth/Sky servant, Junao is better. Also he is more flexible because 30% battery

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Raikou with one of her traits after her recent NP upgrade

Arjuna against debuffed enemies.

Raikou with both of her trait based damage steroids.


Arjona is easier to make work, but i think that Raikou is more useful for been able to super crit the enemies after her NP

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Is Raikou’s niche “common” in the game? Because arjuna alter give pre-damage debuff in his np, that’s make him so universal. To beat arjuna alter, her niche must be “common” right?

Heaven or earth enemies are pretty comun, and literaly every servant with demonic is heaven or earth so isn’t hard to find at lest one, but literaly Arjona is as easy to find as Robin (Aka he create his oun niche) but warning the servants enemies can resist the debuff because Magic resistance or equivalentes


You can see a full list of Servants under the Earth and Heaven/Sky attribute in the link below. All those Servants receive extra damage from Raikou’s 3rd skill. Note that Raikou’s skill explicitly states “[Servants with Heaven or Earth attributes (except Pseudo-Servants and Demi-Servants)]”. So only Heaven and Earth attribute Servants receive extra damage from the skill, NOT standard enemies or bosses.

The extra damage against Demonic enemies, however, applies to regular enemies provided they posses the “Demonic” trait.



Arjuna Alter is a broken servant. There’s no competition. Raikou has only reached the stage of “not being outclassed by AA 90% of the time”.


That’s why really wanna that black god to come to my chaldea. Lore wise, he is good. His design, also good. His gameplay, dont ask again almost everyone know how good he is

His banner has Asclepius, that’s enough reason to roll for that banner


Yeah I got both asvatthaman and Asclepius but not AA.
(That banner should be known as the “A” banner)

As long as it’s not immunity, just bring casgil and he’ll trump that resistance easy as pie. Sure worked for robin vs salter last Christmas