Way to Check AQQ or ABQ

Is there a way to find out which Servant can benefit from AQQ or ABQ in terms of NP gain? One Servant I know is Kintoki (Rider) only because I read about him here. Yet, I tried the same chain on Tamamo (Caster), it didn’t provide much.

Does it depend on Servant’s NP color type or is it fixed on their NP gain stat? I don’t know if there is a way to check those chains conveniently in-game other than online walkthrough.

Here you go

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don’t forget some servants (ex: scathach, kiyolancer) also benefit from abb chains!

Kintoki gains alot np from that chain because his quicks have 5 hits. (np gain and star gen scale per hit, so more hits improve them alot). game press has profiles for every servant that also list their cards hits among many other hidden stats.

other servants with high np gain on AQQ are okita and jack, for example

It’s based on the Servant’s NP gain, hit count, and card type. For example, Okita gets a lot of NP gain from a AQQ chain because she has an insanely high hit count on her Q cards and a good base NP gain and Kiyohime (Lancer) gets good NP gain off of a ABB because of her high hit count on her B cards.

I totally forgot about hit count :slightly_frowning_face:
Like before this, I was always confused between AQQ or QQA for Jack.
Thanks @Demos_Mirak for the reference.