Ways to improve my Selkie (if needed)

So ever since Selkie came out, she’s been one of my most useful and used unit since because I love her and she deserves much pats. But, as res tanky and quick as she is, I feel like there still needs to be more with her. I’m pulling for her whenever I can if she happens to be on a banner, she’s my 5 star exclusive merge project so she’ll get better ivs in time (currently +def). But I still feel like there needs to be more with her. I feeeeel like I should pull for another Nah to give her Double Bonus but then I feel like I’d waste all my orbs. I’m at 100 and I still want to keep saving for CYL3. But she works great, once she’s transformed and potentially rallied, any kind of magic barely scrapes her and she can act as a fairly solid tank too. But again, I feel like there could be even more I could do with her. Any suggestions?

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Atk/Res Solo would probably work better… tho that’s premium so hard to get
This is what I run on mine… tho Atk/Res Brazen is a better seal for her if I’m rinning in tactics team

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Also sorry to ruin it for ya but, you can save the Nah

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Unf, +5, I’m jealous TmT

I’ve gone with more defensive stuff because of the +def really. And it certainly does help her, even the toughest of armor units can have trouble with her. But I can def see why it’s probably a better priority to target res.
I’d also put DC on her but I got no fodder for that so

Oh. Welp, the dream is dead. Hyper buffed Selkie will only be in my fantasies ;m;
But you did save me the orbs before I did something stupid so thank you!

I don’t use many Cav. so I had a bunch and she is one of my fav child’s in Fates so she got them all

Lol no problem man

You know… for a second I thought you were talking about the DF… yah I got pretty lucky on her og banner and pulled 5 of her 4 of which were all at 3% and then got pitied on another banner

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Stop! Why couldn’t that have been me!! (;≧皿≦)

Well, that some pretty good luck. Buuut i had little to no orbs at the time of her debut banner. It was a miracle I got that second one in the first place lol

You just back right? Can’t remember if it was you or someone else. But anyways… Shall I tell you my luck on the Fallen banner… 16 5* units all under 4% with less than 400 orbs it was one hell of a run… but sadly do to -cough- G.Tiki -cough- I didn’t get my +10 FF.Corrin in 1 run