We gottem bois

na having this event where they see jalter in an unobtainable costume
lol add the shit to arcade now



holy shit lmao. Arcade can’t keep getting away with this


I’m dying lmao


At this point I’m just like


I love the message this sends to NA given that the arcade version isn’t worldwide like… here, we’re taunting you into playing this game you can’t play by showing you a costume we won’t give you, just move countries I promise it’s worth it!! I’m so confused at the timing.


A Solomon Servant will release in sync with the anime but he’ll be Arcade-exclusive :fgo_gudako:


But this costume has been in Arcade since late August/Early September, I believe.

Why is there shock about it now?


Typical arcade move. Now, I’m waiting for Shishou to get her dress there too…

Yeah, I just double checked it dropped at the beginning of last September (shortly before they gave Jack her Arcade-exclusive pants). I rescind my statement about the timing, but nonetheless, onore arcade and all that.


that’s why I said I’m dying don’t tell them

I shouldn’t support Scarlett’s shitposts tho, huh


I thought I remembered it but they sounded so sure of themselves I figured she got a different dress there or something

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The one saving grace is we may beat them to that one. She already got her bunny suit on Arcade and it seems they’re much iffier about giving two things to the same Servant there - 40 costumes in, 12 full-body and 28 accessories, and no one’s doubled up yet (unless you count vanilla and Summer Artoria as the same). They’ve exhausted most of the Servants that are major sore points on mobile now so we may be able to avoid getting stung in the same place twice.

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Inb4 it’s actually true cause it’s hinted Goetia isn’t the main boss of Arc 1 in Arcade timeline.


I would actually really love to see financials for Arcade, especially around these releases, the release of Proto-Merlin etc. cause like. They keep doing it, so I assume it works? But, if so, like. Why does it work? Arcade is absurdly expensive, mechanically irritating and getting these costumes is hard work unless you happen to have a series of powerful Servants ready to go to cope with current events. Are they actually getting new players from this, or even old players blowing the dust off their pile of shitty little TCG cards to dive back in? Or are they actually doing it just to taunt us? Cause I increasingly suspect it’s the latter.


They’re bound to break patterns once or twice. You just never know…

But if there’s no Goetia then shouldn’t Solomon too tho, since the reason Solomon appeared is to counter Goetia.

Releasing him without his big bad demon in Arcade would be a total dick move :catknife:


Next thing we know Arcade will get a pity system at FGO’s Anni but FGO won’t :fgo_sthenosmug:


cool thing idc about this outfit

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While this is nothing new every time i see it i die a little inside, especially now that we know this will never come to mobile.