We might get a VG Banner - would you pull?

I saw this on reddit. There are 9 summoning focuses, but only 7 appear on the calendar. So maybe, just maybe …


I doubt they’d put two Mythics and two Seasonals on a Banner like that :catroll:

But who knows.


I assume you’re talking about the hero rises VG? Yeah no way. Pretty sure they wouldn’t put duos, mythics, legendaries, and all round great units on a regular banner.


I don’t think we’re going to get a banner for this VG. That would be pretty insane and people will definitely whale BUT…I highly doubt they’ll do it. Too many premium units.


We did get something similar last year with the hero fest. And there are still 2 unknown Banners remaining so… (there is hope)


But if it isn´t 2 VG Banners, what will the 2 remaining Banners be?

Oh and if it did happen, I can’t afford to pull. Nothing I absolutely need and nothing that’s called Marianne, and I’m super low on orbs so sadly I wouldn’t be able to pull. Plus I already have plenty of Altina and Sothis which are (as well as Shalfonse) the units I most want.


FaRfEtChEd HeRoEs WiLl CoMe BaCk


Same, I want to save as well. <.< Even if Altina is very tempting …

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What a plottwist XD

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Oh man, if they give us a vg banner and separate them by brackets…I’m sniping reds only if they eliminate the 3% focus for non focus(I’m asking for to much ik :rofl:)


If only that were me :frowning: lol


Ironically I didn’t want them… you remember the Altina banner right? Everyone wanted Sothis and Altina and got pitybroken by L!Marth, plenty of people left with way too many L!Marth. Well I was like the only one summoning for L!Marth and what do I get? 6 Altina, 6 Sothis, 2 L!Marth. Not complaining because the Altina is nice and Sothis has TP so not the worst thing in the world


me looking at Altina, Sothis and Marth summoned 1 after the other

Oh i see, i can totally relate to you.


I was pulling hard for Altina and got 4 vs 6 marth’s and 10 Sothis’s,I unintentionally +10 both :sweat_smile:,it was overall decent,but I would have preferred less of both and more Altina,so I’ve been waiting for her return for another crack at it :confused: lol.


It’d be nice but I doubt it. Not only because these are really good units as others have pointed out, but also because they said that we would get to use whoever we support in this VG specifically.


as much as I wanted the Sothis/Marth split, it makes more sense for me to go for both sothis/marth when they are together so i can finish Marth off as well. (I mean he’s got atk/spd bond so i’m all for extra marths for my healers or whatever but still)

but i am done right now for monthly banners due to CYL

(so please. please please no vg banner).

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So does B!Louise. Though I guess she would require grails.

Loulou has been in lock down, because i’m not sure if i want to build her or not.

and i figure Sothis and Marth ALWAYS share and because Sothis took forever to come to me i have a Heavily merged Marth so i might as well knock out several birds with stones. (ideally the next time they share, they share with Lif/Hrid) because all that sweet sweet DC fodder.

Honestly I don’t see why not. A good banner is going to incite spending $$$ so honestly in the interest of the almighty Cash Grab I see no reason not to.

That said if it does happen I will Free pull and walk as I have little to no interest in any of units beyond their fodder so the free one from the VG victory is plenty for me.

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