We sure 4* special rate is active?

with the new heroes banner not looking that interesting, I decided to summon for L!Claude. 500 orbs (not the largest amount, but the most I’ve had at one time) and whatever I spent in between now and when the 4* special rate was first introduced, and I still haven’t seen a starry night :feh_elisad:


No rate is ever active when you want it to be.


Yea, I got Luke’d TWICE


Yeah, I’ve got a few of them

They’re pretty rare tho


It’s about the same base percent as getting a 5*, so you wouldn’t be surprised not to get a 5*, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t activate.


3% rate that gets decreased as you summon, across 75 unit’s… not the best odds


You need patience I think
Don’t rely me on this though, Eldigan was my first special 5* rate hero

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When I first read the feature (skimmed thru it), I thought that this was going to put those 5 stars at a 4 star rate. Man was I disappointed when I realized it wasn’t that way lol. So they are still as “rare” as they have always been basically, they just don’t break your 5 star rate.

Which doesn’t really mean much to me, the rate is so low and increase at such small increments that I feel like it doesn’t account for much. While it technically helps, I don’t even consider it when pulling.


It took me forever to see the first one. They seem rarer than the numbers suggest, but sometimes it’s just unpleasant. Also I think Colorless is the worst color for that. Overloaded with commons and not that many 5* options for it. The worst of both worlds.


Maybe I have some weird luck but I’ve gotten quite a few 4* Special Rate units. It is still Gacha so it depends more on luck then anything, I don’t know how to explain it better


that’s what i actually thought it was LOL


It is active. It has giving me mostly garbage but that extra merge of Brave Lucina and Sonya were something worthwhile.


People seriously seem to be overestimating how common they are. They’re still quite rare, it’s just that they won’t break your pity rate if you get them anymore. That’s the big difference.


It’s active. You just have really bad luck with it.

I’ve only seen it a handful of times, like 2-3, and yet green tome Alphonse alone who I could care less about I’ve gotten 2) 5* and 4-5 4* (no Gustav to add more salt). You’re in good company


I’ve only actually gotten 1 so far, it was my first free pull when they made the update with it. So I was hyped and had my expectations way too high haha.

In theory, if you do full pulls with a large amount of orbs, shouldn’t you pretty much double your total 5 star summons? Not focus, just any 5 star unit in general.

Edit; I didn’t account for focus+ non focus, totaling 6%. So the increase should be 1/3 more?

The biggest win is the fact that it’s a 3% on top of the original 5* rate

A good net increase in chance for getting a 5*


My Christ, I just got a hero from the 4* star special rate, and it’s basically the only one I care about from the colorless pool, being Bownoka.

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