Weak Connection on Go Battle League

After when I made the new update and I try to play Go Battle League. My game lags and tells me weak connection. This has become unplayable for me. I wonder if this is happening to other players.


For me not. I haven’t got this problem. I don’t now what is the problem, but you can go to settings->advanced settings->refresh game data.

Same here, since yesterday. Don’t know what’s up. It’s not unplayable, but it’s annoying

Same, its been absolutely horrible, and ive definitely been losing a lot of fast moves due to it. Game is basically unplayable and it happens every match


just had a match where my first pokemon was just immediately already KO’d. couldn’t even see what my opponent was

yeah just tried another, it’s registering about a quarter of my fast moves. pvp is just off the table for me completely right now until they fix whatever’s wrong, which is pretty crushing because GL is my favorite and I just built some new pokemon for it.


Every battle yesterday and today it’s showing the spinner in the upper left and saying “weak connection” and then I lose, unless my opponent has the same problem and surrenders in frustration. Switching mobile/wifi data and power cycling my phone makes no difference. Looks like a server issue.


It has been annoying tonight. I was up against a gunfisk and got to my earthquake and couldn’t throw it. Opponent’s gunfisk got two more mud shots on me and threw his earthquake.

Was ok for an hour, but now strikes again…off for today, keep reporting!

Its probably from the added server load from the Community Day. See if its better a full 24hrs after.

I have had this issue for a couple days now, i really miss being able to battle and all support does is give me a free battlepass and telling me to use it in battle, like i loose 5/5 matches because of this shit :/

It was going pretty well for me in the afternoon but in the early evening, the lag was so bad a regular stunfisk swept my team. I wasn’t able to shield anything. On my charged moves, I either unintentionally overcharged, stopped at the right count and the move wouldn’t be charged, or hit the charged move and it wouldn’t go.

I think my biggest highlight was when I had my Gunfisk, and I threw a Rock Slide and for some odd reason it registered as Earthquake.

Definitely, got 4 different connections(2 appartments) with 2 different ISPs, 2 WLANs and 2 mobile connections, its the same since yesterday on every single con(and also 3 different phones of me and my gf), so the problem is definitely not on our end. Totally unplayable, getting these messages every battle and cant press charge moves or switches without at least 5 or more seconds of lag, every second fast move doesnt count, etc…Got over 2k battles and it was never that bad before, just since yesterday. They gotta fix this soon, GBL is the most interesting and best addition to the game ever since release and makes you really wanna farm a ton of different Pokemon that might have been useless in the raid/gym scene but that rock in PvP.


But apparently it is not for everyone. The battles I played were often lost because the matchups seem to be able to react normally, or?

Haven’t read all the responses, but in case it wasn’t mentioned, i’ve been hearing that updating to 1.153.1 makes it worse. I’m playing on both versions (1.153.1 on android and the previous on iOS), the older version still lags but i believe it is slightly better.

I will say it is almost definitely not an ios update issue, this began a couple days before I updated and I tried updating to fix it. Clearly not the fault of community day for the same reason. It would make sense if it’s the game version itself.

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Yes, I tried a couple times today. Completely unplayable. I need about 2 extra fast moves to get a charge move and can’t switch unless a charge is firing. It’s too big of a disadvantage to overcome, even in favorable matchups

I also have these lag problems since Sunday. After seeing a post on reddit regarding this topic, I checked and noticed the game automatically updated to the newest version (0.187.? , I’m not sure). No problems until Saturday on 0.185.?. Almost no problems, the normal lag was there of course, but what is happening since Sunday is a nightmare.

The lag is unbearable, it is not possible to do even a single battle without issues. I feel like 1 and 2 turn Fast Moves are even worse then 3 and 4 turn Moves. My team was Umbreon, Hypno and Toxocroak. The game was clunky and slow at first, but as soon as Toxicroak came on “weak connection” flashed like crazy. Half of the Counters didn’t register and the game froze up repeatedly. This happened in all of my games since Sunday. It is not as smoove as before when using Snarl or Confusion, but Counter is the worst.

So I tried other Fast Moves in hope of getting less lag. Fire Spin on Alola Marowak was not as bad as Counter but still worse than Confusion. Volt Switch works okayish. Lick did nothing half of the time, something I noticed on an opposing Altaria(Dragon Breath) as well.

There are other problems of course: desync happening all the time, being frozen, overtapping like mad, etc. It feels like short fast moves makes those even worse.

I really don’t understand how they managed to break the game completely, and then only for a portion of the players. I’ve seen complaints since the new update was out and I don’t think there has been a statement of Niantic regarding any changes for GBL in that update. I really hope thay sort this out quickly, but there is no indication they are even aware of the problems many players face at the moment.

The fact that older phones get culled next month gets me anxious as well. Maybe they just don’t care about losing players anymore. So some people unable to do GBL are not of interest.

It almost seems like they don’t believe it’s a thing because not all trainers are being effected. I am so angry. I really enjoy GBL and I am just so dejected that we can’t get it fixed.