Weapon Recommendations for OG Olivia?

My Olivia has been +10 for a while now, and I think it’s past time I gave her a better sword. The question is - which one?

I am unfortunately short on sword fodder at the moment.

If I upgrade a Fir to 5*, then I could give her a Slaying Edge+. Firing off 1-cooldown Moonbow sounds good, especially since she doesn’t see many rounds of combat.


I also have a Petal Parasol+ from S!Fiora.
This would probably be an improvement over the basic Silver Sword+, but I don’t know how Olivia would inflict [Penalty] without the team support that I want her to provide to others.


I can also give her Steadfast Sword+, if I 5* a copy of Tanith.


This is closer to what I’d like, but I was hoping for something like the Allied Lance, which would buff both Olivia and her teammates.


Any thoughts/suggestions?
I’d have to pull or maybe drop Grails for any other swords at the moment, but I think Olivia deserves it.


Wait for her prf… Oh right, IS hate dancers.

I’d say unless you’re going to invest in some super premium kit to make her combat capable then Allied Sword, assuming it appears, would be best for more support. While we wait for that, Slaying or a Wo Dao + breath seal help her fire specials if she needs to take a hit. Mine uses the latter as I got about 3 Karel in one month back in 2017 and she can hurt stuff if she has to.


As you mentioned she shouldn’t see combat often so a pure support build would be nice on her

Geishun is on NY! Hrid (if you happen to have a copy around)

Otherwise you can go nuts with an offensive build like