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My main inquiry with Dragalia right now is that I’m currently uncertain of which weapons are best for the High Dragon Trials and other content.
From what I currently know, the weapons that can be crafted from Expert-Master High Dragon Trials as well as the Agito Uprising are among the best.

Although between the tier 1 and tier 2 High Dragon weapons… which is better for fighting the High Dragons? Is the 30% bane in tier 1 better than the tier 2 overall? Does the Agito Uprising 6 star weapon trump both of them overall for High Dragon? I both apologize and thank you for reading once more.

Tier 2 HDT weapons are stronger overall than the tier 1 weapons. The T1 weapons have about 750 str times the 30% bane mod. The T2 weapons have about 1500 strength and an offensive skill.
The 6* weapons are great, comparable strength to the T2 HDT weapons plus a passive 10% attack OR regen effect, but you’ll get more mileage out of making the facility using your Volk spoils (check treasure trade).
The Chimeratech weapons are great for getting into standard and expert Mids, then you can start making the wind HDT weapons and to Merc, etc.
If you have Gleo, you can make the wand from Void Nid and jump in to Jupiter. If not, GEuden, DyMalora, and Mitsuhide/Fleur are all mainstays of High Zod, from which you can make a weapon for your favorite 70MC dark unit.

The power level is
Void bane weapon < chimera < HDT1 < 0UB 6* < HDT2 < MUB 6*

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What is the comparison between original T3 weapons and void weapons? Are the T3 weapons worth making anymore for standard level end game content?

The void weapons are better when their bonus damage is active, so just the HDT and Astral bane weapons.
The IO weapons are better in everything else.
Actually, running a very quick calculation says that the astral bane void weapons are about the same strength as the IO weapons, so the IO weapons are probably better.

Assuming neutral content:
Void << IO < HDT1 (< Chimera) << HDT2 (< MUB 6*)
parentheses because fire only.
Void weaps have low strength and no skills, IO has better strength and useful active skills, HDT1 has a big strength increase and offensive skills, Chimera has high strength and potentially a strength passive, HDT2 has crazy strength and offensive skills, 6* has crazy strength and a toggleable +10%str/heal.