Wedding Belles

I’m kinda new to DL and was curious if they’re gonna have a wedding summoning event similar to how FEH does since they keep showing Mym in a wedding dress every day or is it just free vouchers for no reason.

As far as I understand, it’s just the free vouchers, I haven’t seen any indication a wedding banner is coming, but it could be possible.

Man I’d love to have a bridal Mym.

The Dragon showcase is ending in a couple days, so maybe we’ll see if we get a banner proper before then.

As for my predictions on who’s on there: besides Mym, I’m thinking we’ll get a bridal Philia, since she too has her eyes on the Prince.

Let’s not forget Elly. I prefer Mym over Elly although I like both of their character designs. I know there’s already an Ellisanne alt but why not make another one? Estelle and Cleo show hints too of liking the prince.