Weekend Showcase with Draggins

Where am I and where has my family gone?
I hope this headache doesn’t last long.

I cannot remember who I am,
Was this a mistake or was it all planned?

I was taken from Llewyn, but it matters not
I now have succumbed to an evil plot

All will be as lord loptous wills it
Watch as I sweep your team with my basekit

For the first time I know what I’m here for
And that is to fight, I’m not scared anymore

Lord manfroy’s orders are absolute, I cannot abide those who oppose him are fated to die

There is no way to stop the darkness encroaching on this land

Except maybe… A play? What? NO! Let go of my hand!

Where are you taking me, stop this Mae!
No children’s smiling faces would brighten my day!

This is no act, this is how I feel
Huh?.. No, I wouldn’t look better in heels!

Elise is your name? Why do you persist?
This idea is ludicrous, Id rather slit my wrists

A musical? Why? This is insane!
No Nino, I do not care for this game

I want this to be over, magical girls, please
You there, Lilina, dont you dare mock me

“Whatever happens Julia, don’t lose hope!”…
Why… does this memory make me choke?

I don’t know what this voice means
But I can’t stop hearing it in my dreams

Is it a friend?.. Someone I know?
… Is this enough… To make the darkness… Go?..


Omg you referenced her FB I love that and her build :fgo_gaooo:


Hehehe. I like poetry. Shes lovely btw.

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