Weekly quests trait thread

This thread is for helping people – like maybe me in the future – find good nodes to quickly do the typical enemy-trait quests on a minimal amount of AP, or maybe with decent drops while you’re at it. See the bottom of this post for some of the most common useful missions that easily satisfy trait requirements.

Weekly quests 2021 May 16 - May 23

Divine Servants: Cú (Proto) always appears in the Lancer Training grounds (Novice) on Tuesdays, at 10 AP per run. Then 3 runs would complete the mission. If you really want to do it on day one, Gil is Divine and appears in Archer Expert, at 40 AP per run.

Undead enemies: Fuyuki / Unknown Coordinates X-C / Giant Bridge. 4 AP, 7 enemies (3 runs completes the mission), best Evil Bone drop node.

15 Human attribute enemies: Same! Skeletons are both undead and human!

If you only need Human and don’t care to run Fuyuki or just really want to farm proofs, then: Okeanos / Pirate Ship / Band of Corsairs. 12 AP per run, 9 enemies (2 runs completes the mission), best Proof of Hero drop node.

Anyone know of any always-available free quests – preferably 10 AP-ish, or at least dropping good mats – that always have a Divine Servant?

Fuyuki / Unknown Coordinates X-F / Burnt-Down Schoolhouse (6 AP):

Both a Chaotic Good and a Lawful Evil Servant, especially good in weeks that require two opposing Servant alignments.
Shadow Benkei (Lancer, Chaotic Good, Man, Male); Shadow Cursed Arm Hassan (Assassin, Lawful Evil, Man, Male). Also 6 skeletons (Man, Undead, Demonic), 3 Archers and 3 Sabers.

Fuyuki / Unknown Coordinates X-E / Church of Wandering Corpses (5AP):

Medusa here gives a Divine Servant (Rider, Chaotic Good, Earth, Female, Divine), your first opportunity for such. Also six skeletons (4 Archers and 2 Sabers).

Orleans / Bordeaux / A Toast with Wine (7 AP):

8 non-Servant enemies with many traits: Demonic, Earth, Humanoid, Male, and Wild Beast. (They are 4 Lancers, a Saber, and 3 Assassins.)

Orleans / Thiers (7 AP):

First place to get a Madness enemy, Shadow Lancelot. Also 6 Wyverns (Earth, Dragon, Rider).

Septem / Massilia / An Ancient Harbor (9 AP):

First mission to obtain a Balanced enemy, shadow Spartacus (Neutral Balanced), along with a Boudica (Female, King, Good) and four soldiers (human, Humanoid, Roman).

Okeanos / King’s Abode Island / Cursed Pirates (13 AP):

Five zombies (Demonic, Human, Humanoid, Undead) accompany shadow Eric Bloodaxe, a Chaotic Balanced Berserker.

E Pluribus Unum / Charlotte / Gold Rush (20AP):

A whopping 4 Shadow Servants, including all three Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, with three Balanced, as well as two Kings.

Shadow Spartacus (Berserker, Neutral Balanced, Man, Male, Roman); Shadow Eric Bloodaxe (Berserker, Chaotic Balanced, Man, Male, King); Shadow Leonidas (Lancer, Lawful Balanced, Man, Male, King); Shadow Lu Bu Fengxian (Berserker, Chaotic Evil, Man, Male, Mechanical)

Also the best Void’s Dust drop.

Hands and Doors both have the Heaven attribute, so unless you have some reason to avoid ember or QP runs, those are the easiest place to pick them up, 9 at a time. If you want to go elsewhere, then Septem / Mt. Etna / Exciting Land, at 9 AP per run, has 7 Heaven-attribute Assassin ghosts.

For a Heaven Servant, head to Okeanos / Archipelago / Quiet Bay (15AP) – note that there are two free quests in this node. Heracles is Heaven-attribute (as well as Male, Chaotic Madness, Argonaut, etc.). It should also be mentioned that, since Master quests open up Sunday nights, the 40AP Archer skill-gem quest in Chaldea Gate always features Gilgamesh, and all of them sometimes feature shadow Euryale, who give the trait.

A list of battlefield types can be found at Battlefield Types | Fate/Grand Order Wiki | Fandom .

For multiple female enemies who aren’t Servants, the earliest place is Okeanos / Bountiful Sea / Secret Route (18AP), with many Amazonesses.

For evil enemies who aren’t Servants, Shinjuku is full of them; Ruffians and Hornets both qualify. (Few if any nodes seem to have more than 1 Evil Servant.) LB1 also works; Yaga Moscow has 9.

For “Super Giant” enemies, one of the earliest is Camelot / Great Temple / Residence of Akhenaten (22AP/run), which has a Sphinx and a Malikah Sphinx, giving two. IIf the Lost Belts are open for you, Lost Belt 2 / Giants’ Flower Garden / A Gap Betwixt Flame and Ice (20AP/run) has seven. To farm at the same time, try LostBelt 4 / Walled Village / Dival (21AP per run), the best Egg of Truth farm, where the (solitary) Maha Naga has the trait.


If you want to clear the weekly Master Missions as AP efficient as possible then Zentori over on r/grandorder usually posts a weekly guide like within an hour of getting a new set of Master Missions


It’s always Fuyuki.


Oh yeah like 90% of the time it’s just do Fuyuki X-F


can I just say how disappointing it is to see “put a berzerker in your party” and it isn’t an early lb4 release…


I’ve been tossing up the idea of making sort of a reverse of this list for my personal use - which FQs that you’re probably already running fulfill which types of missions. Even the most expensive FQs can be run ~12 times a day and I like to kill two birds with one stone and get half-decent mat drops too. If others think that’s be halfway useful, I’ll start collating once I get home?


Fuyuki has a Divine Servant?

…wait WTF

It actually has “Weekly Target” written underneath the Shadow Servant icon on the Enemies tab for the quest.

Well that’s neat. Not visible from the outside, but at least it’s something you can see before spending your AP.

Anyway, I don’t visit Reddit very often. Does he have a central link that can be stickied?

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Sorry, they create a new topic every week. The guides are pretty popular so they should show up fairly early on when topics are sorted by hot which I believe is the default method of sorting topics. Or just look up “NA Master Missions” in the search bar and they should easily pop up.

Just go to u/ZenTori on reddit every week he posts them within 1 hour from the start of the new weekly missions

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Rather than aiming for sheer AP efficiency, I tend to visit dust node in America to knock out Human and/or some Servant types.

The mirror node in Shimousa has Undead, and I’m casually bond farming there, anyway.


fuyuki x-f is love

fuyuki x-f is life

all glory to fuyuki x-f


or just check his submitted threads in his user profile


I rarely explicitly go for min AP with weekly missions. Most of the time they line up well enough with event quests or the nodes I’m farming at the moment it end up costing more AP to go out of the way following these guides.

This time though turned out to be an exception, the FQ I’m farming has no divine servant so 3 runs of X-E ended up being the right choice.

Generally speaking, the master missions tend to finish themselves for me, whether that is by playing the current event, or by doing the dailies. I don’t FQ farm for mats, so I don’t often spend lots of time on a single quest.

Ya, same here. Each and everytime it has to do with what I’m playing. This week started on the undead stuff and guess what I’m playing? Salem…only “singularity” I have left.

The exception exist when I have to farm some nodes that I already farmed in an event so it’s not appearing anymore, well except if I go back and do those nodes again. I guess the lesson is not to use apples all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

While the Gazer missions will get you the Earth attribute, they do not contribute to Wild Beasts. Two runs of Orleans / Bordeaux / A Toast with Wine with any farming team will cost 14 AP and net both the Earth and the Wild Beast missions from the werewolves.

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2021 Jun 6 - Jun 12:

If you are not planning to get the Servant missions from gem training this week, then three runs of Fuyuki X-F (18AP) will get the Servant class missions (Lancer for Knight, and Assassin for Cavalry).

After that Orleans/Bordeaux can finish Humanoid and Demonic from the werewolves, and three Orleans/Thiers will get you the dragons.

FP summons at your leisure.


Egg farming over and over will give you the dragon trait too :fgo_insane:


2021 Jun 13 - Jun 19:

Doors and Hands have the Heaven attribute, so this can be handled by two of whatever XP or QP dailies you happen to be doing this week.

Two of Orleans / Bordeaux (14AP) will get the Earth attribute (8 per run).

Three of Fuyuki / Unknown Coordinates X-F (18 AP) will get both of the Servant alignment missions (1 each per run).

All of these put together will cover the 20/40 non-Servant general enemies missions.

I will start editing the leading post with common missions that cover frequent traits.


Fuyuki hits both servants at once for a cheap price? Score! Won’t cut much into egg farming, which happens to cover heaven and earth anyway too