Weird Rolling Coincidences

Hello everyone!
My luck is weird, very good but also very weird.
Whenever I stumble upon a gold servant there is strange theming surrounding it.

For example, the first time I got an SSR during the lastest anniversary I got Tesla and Da Vinci.
Earlier that day I had watched a servant guide for both of them for fun and they both apparently share two skills and have similar niches.

Another incident happened when my brother had a dream that he got Nero Bride in a single ticket. The following day I got Nero Bride… in one ticket.

Lastly, all my servants recently have been dads and moms… Lancelot, Emiya, and most recently Raikou. Funny thing is I got Raikou the day after subscribing to FinoPlays (whose favorite servant is Raikou) and Carmilla after subbing to Plushie Mistress (who seemingly only uses versions of Carmilla).

What strange coincidences do you have?


I’ll watch videos and read descriptions and analyses and never roll anyone.
For every time you have one of these coincidences, there’s a dozen more that don’t happen. You don’t remember watching a video and not getting that servant, etc.


On my first year of playing, all my SSRs and about 80% of my SRs were Buster oriented (not including welfares).

This year all my acquired gold servants, besides two SRs, have been Arts oriented (again not including welfares).

Anytime a silver card turns to gold its been a spook for me. Its come to the point I’m afraid to see any silver turn gold.


I also had a dream about pulling Nitocris from a single ticket, woke up and used my login ticket, and there she was. She wasn’t even on rate-up or a Servant I particularly wanted, so I have no idea why I’d dream about pulling her particularly.

So I guess I’m just prophetic then. :fgo_buster:


Not really quite a coincidence but I feel like DW knows what type of servants I roll for and purposely doesn’t give me them. Some examples:
-During the Agartha launch all I wanted was the ribbon loli. But I rolled Scheherazade and three (3!) Penthesilea’s before a single Wu.
-During the 2018 Halloween rerun I wanted to get NP2 for Ibaraki Douji. I got Cleopatra and a fourth Penthesilea (leave me alone!), and maybe another SR before getting banana.
-Summer was horrible for me. For the rerun I wanted summer Anne and Mary and Kiyo Lancer. I rolled 3 Mordreds and 2 Tamamo’s and only managed to get one each of the servants I actually wanted. For this summer’s event I wanted maid alter but I REALLY wanted Helena. I ended up with NP5 maid and NP5+1 mom and only one Helena.

I get SSRs that I don’t want when I’m just rolling for SRs all the time. It legitimately upsets me because I feel like I need to level and max Fou all (female) SSRs that I roll and use them over worse servants that I actually like. I actually rolled for Medusa Lily in the Babylon banner and she was my ST lancer through Shinjuku. But since then I’ve been spooked by Enkidu 3 times and I also have that NP2 summer fox and the game is just so much easier with either of them regardless of how much of an angel Medusa Lily is (especially because she’s only NP1).

When I was spamming tickets for Yagyu, I encountered a sequence of FSN Cu->Shirtless Kirei->FSN Cu->Shirtless Kirei.


Wow, I had the same nero bride dream of rolling her…

But in a pack I didn’t roll her, dreams don’t come true.

Dreamt that I got Merlin, bought one more pack and got him. Other than that I dont really have coincidences :joy::joy:. I mean when I hoped and gathered mats + exp for a servant, they did not come, so… I even thought how to use them at their best… yet I had zero result.
I got them later but, I had zero gems now I have 0 Lores to make them 10/10/10. So I am not hoarding exp or mats anymore for any servant. If they come, they are welcome. If not such is life.
Heck, I think Merlin was the easiest to max out, but he was more or less a surprise.

Yorokobe shonen.

I had a dream about pulling Illya in 1 ticket and then going on an IRL adventure with her - don’t ask :fgo_rinlaugh:

So the next day I rolled and got…

dun dun duh!

Mapo Tofu obviously!

This reminds me of Richard Dawkins’ logic on the subject of Miracles. We generally forget about the other 97% set of potential coincidences that don’t manifest into reality but do remember the one that did. :catblink:

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Don’t know if this is a coincidence, but apparently I have a passive “Assassin Magnet” skill. Started playing during the Fate Accel/Zero Order event. My starter servant was Stheno, my second ever gold servant was EMIYA Assassin, my first SSR was Shuten, my first spook was Jack, and I have rolled more Assassins than any other class. If you include extra copies, I rolled a total of 13 gold Assassins, only followed by the Caster class with 6 total gold servants. This even turned into a pattern since the release of Epic of Remnant. When each of the current EoR chapters came out, the only servant I managed to pull was the Assassin of the bunch (with the exception of Salter on Shinjuku banner 2. Shimosa banner netted me Assassin of Paraiso). Good thing Salem doesn’t have Assassins on rate up.

Other than that, during the summer event I actually went to the beach and thought to myself “why not try summoning?”. Boy was that the best decision I made in a while. For the following 3 days I managed to pull Maid Alter, Raikou Lancer, Helena Archer and Nitocris Assassin, with Maid and Helena being on the same day.
Again, don’t know if this is a coincidence or just luck, but still.

So… Assassin spooks then…

The same CEs that is quite related to the Servants that I have summoned. I’m convinced by now that Cú Chulainn is so into me.

Maybe… I wonder who it’ll be. Probably my 4th copy of Stheno

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