Welcome Back To Another Episode Of "WTF ARENA ASSAULT?!"

Hello and welcome back to this episode of “WTF ARENA ASSAULT?!”
This time, I’ll give you some builds from our top players into Arena Assault.

Let’s start with this soleil,with brave sword and shove and galeforce, she seems a really bizzare unit

We have now a pretty cool ep alm, who totally goes off his role but also get rekt from some melee units (Reposition)

And for last, we have sonic but she have boobs

This concludes our episode of “WTF ARENA ASSAULT?!”
I’ll see you next week with the new units from the summer banner

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Looks pretty normal to me.
Is that weird?

Out of all the new units to +10… why Gunnthra? She’s basically just S!Linde with 1 less atk and 2 more spd, with a little more BST in other spots. Even Linde’s art is better. :fgo_deadinside:

There are two large reasons that one might want her though. :melon::melon: