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If you would be interested in joining, please head over read our Community Rules and then pop over to the #welcome category to make a self-introduction.

Below are some testimonials from current staff on how they joined GamePress – nearly all of us were just another fan of the game who wanted to share our knowledge with everyone else.

How it all started

In the summer of 2016, Pokemon GO was released – but there just weren’t many good resources for players. Sites tended to be bloated, shallow, and profit oriented. Players needed a fan-run site that gave high quality information.

Our founder, Nick, put his in-progress computer science degree into practice - and GamePress was born as the side-project of concerned college students. Below is the first version of our site!

GamePress Version 1.0

Our focus was – and is! – to create really amazing content and tools that people needed. We know that there’s a section of the playerbase who wants to min-max in their games and geared our site for them. But to our surprise and delight, casuals and min-maxers alike began to follow our little site! By the end of 2016, we had grown to 5 million monthly page views. That is thanks to you - all of you.

The journey up to this point has been amazing. We’ve started to support more games and a handful of us now work on GamePress full time, but the majority of us are freelancer staff who write about the games we play!

It’s our hope that GamePress will continue expanding until we cover all the games that our users need resources for. Thank you for sticking with us this far!

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Lost? Unsure of what to do first? Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get plugged into our community.

1. Read over the Community Rules to get a general understanding of what we expect in terms of behavior.

Brief Summary
  1. Keep our forums tidy!
  2. Post in the appropriate topics and keep things relevant to GamePress and its games.
  3. Submit age-appropriate content.
  4. Keep things positive!
  5. Build up the gaming community rather that tear it down.
  6. Always be considerate and respectful of other users.
  7. Acquiesce to Moderator orders.

2. Post a topic in any category! If you’d like an example, just see below. Make sure to Tag it with the appropriate tags!


3. Find an on-going discussion that interests you, and share your thoughts.


4. Post in a thread in the #lounge for some off-topic chat!

5. If you see something against the rules, Flag it for the Moderators to review.


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