Welcome to the Egg Mines: Preparing for the Genesis Egg Grind

So as we all know, with LB4 comes a pair of new mats and the gold mat, Eggs, are needed in notoriously high quantities for most of the upcoming meta picks - Junao, Spishtar and Castoria each requiring a good chunk. In particular, I intend to garner all of Junao’s eggs before he drops so I can max him immediately, so I’ve been looking at egg farming stuff from JP a lot and thought I’d share my findings for the other NA-only scrubs on the forum in case anyone wants to use the extra AP from the release period to shore up their supplies.

The Nodes

There are 3 nodes that star Mahanagas, the enemies that drop eggs. Akin to hearts, every node only features one of them, so the drop rates are bad across the board, starting around 10% capping out around 12%. On one hand, bad rate, but on the other, roughly equal rates means you have a bit of choice with which node you prefer for secondary drops or wave structure.

The best node is also probably the easiest to farm, with two waves of Zerkers and a Mahanaga boss at the end. It also drops Arrowheads, the other new mat, albeit at pretty bad rates, but it’s a good two-for-one if you’re rolling on any of the LB4 banners to get a mix of new mats.

The second-best node absolutely sucks. 2/1/2, with two boss-tier enemies, the Lancer-class Mahanaga in w2 and a Shadow Caster in w3. It does technically also drop feathers and dust, but at pretty bad rates so I would probably consider this the worst node overall, especially since it unlocks late in the story.

The worst node at least isn’t awfully structured - 3/1/3, with both of the 3s being Zerker waves, gives you a fair bit of flexibility with wave clears. Notably, this Mahanaga has the lowest HP, so if your ST Saber or neutral looper benchmarks are pretty bad, this might be your node of choice. You might also score some chains and a negligible quantity of dust.

The Strats

The nodes aren’t super hard to clear using whatever regular strats you have on hand. Quick loopers might struggle owing to the low modifier on NP gen for hitting Zerkers, so if your loops are often marginal, maybe consider a more conventional Buster farming setup or choose a looper with locked-in refund like Parvati. Damage-wise, if my calculations are correct, NP2 Dantes with Superscope and Fous is guaranteed a kill on either of the two lower-HP ones, but the big HP one at the 3/3/1 node, even NP5 isn’t enough to lock in a kill on a low roll, but you have a good chance of at least getting it in facecarding range starting from NP3. Parvati’s situation is even more dire, of course. Granted, none of this is factoring in a Mystic Code buff so if you’re still chained to Arctic, that’ll fix up Dantes pretty well.

If you’re farming the 3/3/1 node, it doesn’t matter as much, but it’s good to note that the Mahanagas have a skill that removes the whole party’s buffs and it has AoE basic attacks - so for the two nodes where they appear in the middle, it’s absolutely crucial to kill them in one turn to avoid getting buff-stripped or hit.

The good news is that the Lancer-class Mahanagas are positively overflowing with traits to abuse - and many of them are easily abused by Sabers, so plugsuiting in any ST Saber is a good start. They’re Super Large, so Arthur is in business, but his AoE multiplier hamstrings him pretty bad. Even with a maxed-out AD, he’ll need either considerable external buffing or high NP levels to lock in the kill, but if you can make him NP twice that’s also another wave taken care of. Alternatively, with his big crit buff dropping in a couple of days, you can try and clear a wave off his NP and crit down a Mahanaga, but that does ofc come with card RNG. It does make him particularly suitable for the 3/1/3 chain node though - Arash w1, Arthur can use his battery to it’s full extent to clear out the Mahanaga and then NP away w3.

They’re Dragons, so Sigurd in particular can absolutely clown on them - NP1 with just self-buffs, no CE, OC1, lvl 90 and fou’d, a min roll NP will put you 6531 HP short of the kill on the big-bodied one. So if you own a Sigurd, you’re pretty much fine. Siegfried and Sieg can both make solid attempts, especially since the latter can also wave-clear pretty reliably with the right team.

They’re Demonic, so Rama is a killer choice - lvl 80, NP2, fous, OC1 and no CE he can knock out the big one around 50% of the time just off self-buffs, so even a moderately powerful CE will pretty much close that gap. Special mention to superscope Raikou as a premium option, if you’re willing to suffer card RNG - two Wavers gives her two NPs to wipe waves and a good chance at critting down a Mahanaga provided she draws good cards, and Murasaki is a handy support option, being able to clear possibly both of the waves while buffing a DPS with anti-Demonic damage.

Lastly, they’re Divine, so Scathach, unsurprisingly, puts on a pretty good show. An NP just on self-buffs with no CE will do about half of the biggest HP bar, and with double Skadi she will utterly grind them into to dust, provided you have a way to take care of the other two waves.

If you’re out of choices here, Liz Brave is always available as a brute-force solution. With one Merlin and a non-MLB scope, she’ll get most of the way, leaving you space to rotate out Arash and a second wave clearer to deal with the mobs plugless, and with the addition of a plugsuit Waver/Skadi to charge her, she’ll win every time. Berserker Jeanne is in pretty much the same situation, but easier to use with a personal battery.

The Teams

Even aside from pretty well-whaled DSS teams, these nodes aren’t exactly challenging to clear on a budget. As always, your best friend will be Scope/Sakurascope Arash to get rid of wave 1, and another wave-clearer of your choice for the other 3-man wave. Alternatively, non-MLB scope Nitocris can handle the two waves of bronze-border Kalis at the best node, and if you cap her off with Merlin’s Charisma then he’s around to pump up a boss killer of your choice, like Liz Brave or Berserker Jeanne. If you have or can borrow a Sigurd and enough battery presence to charge him, just do that to kill the Mahanagas it’s so braindead easy.

The absolute premium team is superscope Drake, regular-scope Sigurd and Waver - they can reliably clear any of the nodes, even the shitty Caster one, with basically 100% consistency. But there are plenty of budget options. Arash - Spartacus - Berserker Jeanne - Friend Merlin, with appropriate CEs to bring their NPs live, will handle it just fine too.

This really isn’t anything you wouldn’t have been able to figure out on your own, but there’s quite a few Servants that have their day in the sun as egg farmers, so if you’re looking to mix it up and make use of some underloved Servants or were just curious about the egg grind, I hope this was helpful.

Amendment: Note the Egg Grind isn’t that intense if you’re not planning on maxing Junao quickly. Spishtar and Castoria will basically have their requirements met off natural event acquisition if you know to save them, and relatively few other Servants ask for them even if you intend to roll and raise them. Clairvoyance EX strikes again.


I’m so eager for the HQ that has eggs and chains,

but that would mean jumping ahead in real life time and there are so many things I should be doing

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I wonder how many eggs we can get from story quest progression


I’ve been trying to hunt that myself but I can’t find anything that just lists it straight-up. I have the number 14 in my head for some reason, I think one of those overall mats budgeting sheets had 14 I couldn’t account for, but that’s not a reliable number by any means.


It takes 5 eggs to max ascend Junao so that’s a reasonable number but 30 more to max skill him, which for me has less priority over max ascending him so I think I should be fine with the ones I get from story quests for now


We seem to get 10 eggs from LB4 according to the event compendium and we get 10 more during summer 4


I wonder how big the difference between the best and worst node is. Out of the servants I know I will have that want arrowheads, not one is planned to get them (Paris, Jane and Eris need arrows for lv9 skills only but I usually stop at even numbers, not planning on giving them lores for the time being either).

If they’re close enough I’ll go for the chains and dust. And the Oniland rerun raid drops eggs so I could make up the difference there. Still, it’ll take me a while to get the “just” 75 for immediate needs

Well, at least I like eggs.
Zerker nodes make it pretty flexible with charge CEs at least.
Superscope Raikou, Arthur, or pulling out Bedi is are all options
On the one hand, I’ll need arrows too probably, but on the other, I could use more dust and chains…


I think bedi would do a better job than jeanne alter (berseker) and liz. And how efficient is to farm egg on those node ? Would be glad if you can tell me the AP/Drop for those node


70 arrowheads for Hot Wheels, so I know when I’m camping egg-wise for the foreseeable future :fgo_deadinside: Bedi or Saberlot will clearly work overtime for that node. Al least you can bring literally anyone against zerkers.


The worst node is 9.9% or 212.7 APD, the middle is 10.3% or 203 APD, the highest is 12.3% or 170.7 APD. There is definitely a benefit to running the best node in terms of egg income, but personally I’d say +30APD is a pretty good trade for getting the extra mats you need, since they’re all basically high enough that you need to commit to eating gapples if you’re trying to hit benchmarks.


Bedi is slightly higher provided you have him NP5, but is still shy of a guaranteed minroll clear with a maxed AD and Merlin. He is easier to enable again compared to Jeanne Zerker since he has the bigger battery so he’ll perform better overall, especially since he has better multiplicative stacking with Merlin. I didn’t put him in since the storylock means NP5 is a big assumption, but he is a strong budget option for longer-term players that do have that.

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Well I’m inclined to apple the story then nat AP either egg node for as long as possible, so lower APD on eggs works better but the difference in secondary mats value is just too big for me to ignore so up the mountain I go. Already have my team decided


if everything goes according to plan I would need arrowheads as well, so it is nito for w1 and 2 and diarmuid with support skadi for w3 for me

Dragon trait, nice, time for Sigurd to pay his GSSR cost.


I’m gonna be using Bedi for the final wave myself. He has a battery and good damage.

Thinking about Kscope on a 50% NP charger +Waver+ Bedi (AD) with Mages MC, but we’ll see, i have other options, so this is just what I came up with looking at the node for the first time.


they have dragon trait

Siegfreid time


If you happen to have a 50% charger that also has a chance of generating 10%+ refund (Lartoria has a full 20% baked in, but Kiara, Nastya and maybe even Jarcher might be able to pull it off too?), you might be able to use one of the 10% charging MCs to cap them off for wave 2 instead, and they mostly have additional buffs that might help Bedi seal the deal if the roll is low? Alternatively, a 50% charger with a Charisma will help him out a bit too.


My Sigurd is salivating. He’s gonna turn them into dragon steaks :fgo_buster: