Welcome to the Girls' Frontline Community!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the GFL Community! We are now large enough to have our own community site! While you’re all here, please meet the GFL Team! They’re very knowledgeable and are more than happy to chat about GFL.

Sitelead: Chen The Panzerbüchse#4896 - If you have any questions regarding the site as a whole, reach out to Chen or me(Hakurai#1379)!

  • Cleista#7841
  • Soulmuse#8741
  • PlebMaster#0715

Cleista, Soulmuse, and PlebMaster are responsible for much of the content you see on the site - they’ve been working hard to bring you the best content!

  • RickMcLightning#2125

  • Vanilla#5328
    Rick and Vanilla have been helping out with the Character Writeups.

  • Hibachiman#6295
    Hibachiman is our resident video creator. Check out his channel on youtube!

  • Catbomb#0621

  • Iorek#1082
    Catbomb and Iorek are our advisers for GFL - they have extensive experience with CN/KR.