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A question, if you will.

Have you ever experienced that moment where you see a golden or rainbow-colored light and you feel the faint stirrings of hope welling up in your chest, your heart rate rising rapidly in anticipation and then, when the light flashes and the spinning stops, you see exactly the Class you want. Or perhaps you even had a silver card turn golden all of a sudden and the same feelings emerge.

Then, you hold your breath as the card stars to reveal itself. You can’t help but hope, nobody can help it, as you wish and pray with all you have to get that one Servant you want, your beautiful and breathtaking waifu, your handsome and dashing husbando, that infuriatingly gamebreaking hermit, or that one elusive missing piece to your dream team.

Have you ever had all that happen only to cry and weep, wallowing in the deepest pits of depression, or perhaps you rampaged in anger, like a raging storm that came from nowhere, as all your hopes were mercilessly crushed by the cruel God called Gacha?

Have you ever restrained yourself for countless weeks or months, saving up all those precious Quartz from every corner of the game, the weekly logins, the master missions, the 100 day logins and the subsequent 50 day logins, hours of maintenance, countless repetitions of free quests, the near endless stream of events, the strengthening of bonds between Master and Servant, and even parting with a small, or even a significant, portion of your hard-earned wages, resisting the lure of other, less important and grand rewards, only for everything to be stolen away in a single instant with nothing to show for it?

Have you ever fought against an entire legion of soldiers, crushed countless beasts underfoot, and slaughtered the greatest and fiercest of dragons and giants, all in the name of advancement and the betterment of one’s self and one’s comrades, seeking out the prizes and treasures they have hoarded away, only to march home empty-handed, shamefaced and unwilling to face those who eagerly await your victorious return?

Have you ever dueled against the greatest of mankind’s heroes, facing them in mortal combat as you pit your meager strength against the might of legends and myths, only for victory to slip through your grasp at the very last moment, your foe’s bellowing laughter echoing in your ears as you pull back with your tail between your legs? Or perhaps you secured victory, only for your foe to refuse to honor the agreement, stealing the true victory from you at the last moment and denying you the prize which you have so desperately been seeking out for so long?

If so, then you are in the right place.

Here, you are among kindred spirits. Here you will find countless others who share your pain, people who have been betrayed by their ideals and beliefs (No, EMIYA, you situation is different from our guests here), whose hopes and dreams have been shattered and scattered to the four winds, who find themselves clinging to the very last of their sanity in a desperate bid to continue with their mad quests.

So come in, have a seat, and be welcome. Share your tale and find comfort in knowing that you do not suffer alone. And, when the time comes, provide comfort to those who come after you, for it may be your words that uplift them to grant them the strength to once again rise up on their feet and bear their arms once more, marching off to face that which brought them low.

Welcome, dear Master, to :salt:The Salt Repository:salt:.

Please leave all happy endings at the door. You can pick them up again on the way out.


Valentines, 2019.
The last of my quartz used before MHX Alter disappears. A 10x summon.
After 9 disappointing cards, the 10th was a silver Berserker. Suddenly, it began to turn gold.
I thought for sure I had won big, got the servant I wanted right before the end. Then she was revealed…

My second Tamamo Cat.


Back when I was still new to the game (start of Autumn last year), I saw October’s Jalter banner. Even at the time, I knew that she was one of the best servants in the game, and rolled every single ticket and quartz I had to try for a single copy.

I’m still waiting.

To make matters worse, only in the past few weeks I’ve started using Clairvoyance EX to look at upcoming banners, and unless I’m missing something, that was basically my last chance to get her without needing to leave my F2P den and enter the realm of whales.

I know that my story is hardly the most salt-inducing, but I mostly want to make sure that this thread stays alive for as long as possible. A centralized place to vent about how badly RNGesus’s cousin, Saint Gatcha the miser, is treating the community sounds like something that should be pinned to the top of the forum.


Miyamoto Mushashi Banner.

After using all my tickets and an 10 roll, I had 6 Quarts left and did single pulls. The first pull proved to have the sparks that gets you immediately excited. Gold Saber shows up; The result was in fact an 5 star Saber, my 3rd Mordred, which actually doesn’t suck but in that moment is depressing.


Was planning on sharing my story first but had some stuff to take care of.

Last year’s X Million Commemoration Doeload where Scathach was on solo rate up.

Had 90 Quartz for 3 ten rolls.

The first one, the very first card, had golden lights. The golden Lancer card comes up and I’m practically dancing for joy. The light fades and I get… F****** FIONN!!

The second ten-roll gets me nothing but CEs and the obligatory 3* Servant.

I decide to go with singles rolls for my last 30 quartz and 4 tickets. Everything goes with nothing worth noting, not even a non-rate-up SR. Then, the very last card was a gold Lancer. I can’t stop myself from grinning. I get impatient and tap the screen to skip the slow reveal.

I nearly smash my phone against the wall when I saw F****** FIONN AGAIN!!

I didn’t even consider getting an NP2 Fionn. I just burned them both on the spot. Still felt salty and bitter, but burning them was cathartic. And I had 2 Rare Prisms, my first ones.



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This entire thread is a big mood.

Me when I saved up roughly 450sq for Moriarty only to get another herc and absolutely nothing else??? Not even a good CE??? gacha why??? . Same with rolling for Ozy. Nothing but despair and salt.


No 5* CE or failed to get any servant during rolling is quite normal for me. Card flicker only happen thrice for me but all give good servant. Twice during Prism Code I got illya and waver. Latest is last Sunday manage to get Okita-san

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…are tales of wrong luck acceptable? Cause I do have two stories but most people wouldn’t consider them case of salt so much as “wrong luck”

In fact, I told one of them on face book and got one person to cuss me out.



:fgo_jeannu:goes back to the corner and weeps even more:fgo_jeannu:


If you have salt to drop off then any story is welcome.

Just edit out any smile-worthy parts so people don’t feel any worse than they already do. :smile:

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All right, It was when I had just started playing and was still in the third singularity (or maybe fourth?) when Babylonia was released.

They had the first banner featuring Enkidu, Caster Gil, and Lancer Medusa and I wanted to get Medusa. I had like 60 sq and used them to roll.

FIRST Card I get is a Gold Lancer card! I thought for sure I had gotten her. The card turned around…

“Servant, Lancer. Enkidu.”

Me: “I don’t know how to feel about this…”

I farmed all the main story quests I could and spent 120 sq total but never got Medusa to show up.

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@LeiCiel, I feel your pain most deeply. You just described my exact situation last summer while I was trying for tama lancer. I too had two gold lancer cards appear, and I too had two copies of Fionn appear. :scream:
The only good thing about that was I had no problem burning him for Mona Lisa.

I might could have gotten kiyohime lancer as a consolation… But I didn’t notice the rotation on the banner for some reason and rolled mostly on pirate day and got 2 of the archer duo. That would have been better if Chloe hadn’t come so soon afterwards and completely outshine them…


I guess mine is not as bad as most other people shared so far, and I was trying to get okita from the gudaguda banner.
I got 2 x gold saber during the roll, but ending up with Chevalier and Altria…

Can’t say I’m really salty, but still a bit of salt, especially I constantly need to borrow someone else okita for farming right now


Valentines was rolling MHXA and I got a rainbow early on and Gdi Jeanne shows up righter after the gssr awhile back where I got her. And then again after 400 quartz
For reference I played since the fate zero event and I never got spooked by her but ofc after I roll a gssr and get her she decides to show up not once but 2 times to mock me for the gssr and deny a MHXA
Needless to say I was pissed but in the end Gacha took pity and I got np2 MHXA

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All salt is equal here and all are just as welcome.

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Illya Banner at Prisma Illya event : 90 SQ + 10 Ticket, gold spark … Gold Caster Card shows up … Medea Lily come.
Oh god why.
Memlin Banner : 150 SQ + 10 Ticket, gold spark at 2nd 10 rolls, Gold Caster Spark shows up …, and Oh it’s just Helena.
At that moment, i realize that i’m not gonna roll again on Caster Banner that have Buster Noble Phantasm.

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It all started when i miserably failed the illya prisma banner. At that moment i told myself i need to stop getting baited. From that point onwards i saved every single quartz and fragment i could get my hands on, did every single free quest available, just to get a shot at :fgo_buster:.

Every banner in between illya prisma and merlin i had to skip meanwhile my friends are free to roll for whatever they like, one of my friends got jalter the main ssr he wanted and another friend landed illya, in the banner i had failed.

“Its fine” i told myself. “With this many quartz ive got a way better chance at getting merlin than them” they werent even saving for him while i was desperate.

After 350 qrtz and 40tckts i fail. My two friends that landed jalter and illya? One needed only one ticket the other just a few tickets. :fgo_jeannu:

Everyday i see their merlins, everday i feel salt, everday im reminded that my luck is crap


2 instances that nearly killed me inside…
i’m by no means f2p, and by no means close to a whale. so sometimes it hurts even more than usual.

1st instance: scathach

thanksgiving banner. thanks to my bday, i had come into gift cards which equaled 334 quartz.
scathach bein my #2 waifu and her being on rate up, i knew where those quartz were going.
first 10 shot - gold circle - my excitement intensifies - gold lancer - omigodomigod - fionn… f*********ck
following 9 10 shots - saberlot np2, 2 zerkerlots np3, fran np3, no noteworthy ces
11th and final 10 shot - first 9 cards, nothing - final card - gold lancer - karna…
didn’t care at this point. karna and fionn weren’t shishou, so they became rps.

2nd instance: musashi

thanks to christmas, i ended up with more giftcards. i had 350 from that and had spent 90 on merlin to no avail, but i was fine with that cuz i knew friends would have him and he’s not a waifu lol
left with 260 quartz, musashi was getting all and maybe and extra $23.99 worth.
long story short, 1 helena np2, 1 zerk vlad np2, and my first 2030
oh and after the extra $23.99 and 2 extra 10 shots, you ask? 1 gold saber. and since this is a salt story, you can guess who it was…

also, i started playing during the 2nd part of the summer event towards the end and not all that seriously like now… just the casual daily login, play til out of ap and be done for the day and wasn’t hip on the ‘if you do events, you can get free servants’ aspect. that lasted till after the illya event. that means i unknowingly missed out on bikini shishou, a now waifu of mine, and chloe, the best 4* archer in the game.


Think i told this a million times now but

tamamo banner on Halloween
throw money at it

nearly throws phone off bridge, i kid you not