Welfare tokens

Is it worth buying welfare operator tokens from event shops? I heard you can get yellow certs for them when the event gets a rerun but they cost a lot of event currency and I may won’t be able to get everything from the event shop.

If you want gold certs, I always bought them because each of them give 5 so that’s about 25 gold certs.

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Definitely - gold certs are very valuable, and if you ever do use that operator the cost of getting their potential raised without the tokens from the event is very expensive in yellow certs.
If you’re considering what you’re ok with not getting from the event, the event store page has a list of efficiencies for everything there. Of course, you can also just leave anything you know you don’t need (like furniture parts if you’re a long-time player)


According to gamepress calculations. if we spend all sanity in event stages except for annihilation. we will be ~700 short. These are things you might skip : furniture parts are 400, lowest tier mats(least efficient) 275. give up last token 360(which will mean just 5 gold cert less later on). also shaw skin 400 in case you don’t like it.


Kinda late but you don’t get certs from tokens unless you already have max pot.

You are right but if you lack e.g. 1 pot. Next rerun first pot to become full Pot and other 4 tokens can be converted to gold certs