Well.... gave her a few new toys to go with her new refine

Tho not entirely sure if I really want to spend the 20k for Atk or Spd boon for her… but hell… since I had the useless Hector from Feh pass collecting dust… and thankfully Brunnya having Res Smoke 3 at 4* here she is (I might give her Glimmer… but not sure how well it will actually work since I was testing the build and their where foes that was taking little damage even still… but then again I’m pretty sure they where also getting buffed before hand since I was testing it solo)

I had wrath on her… but for these types of refines you’d rather want to run Vantage… so now both of the F.Corrin babies are DC+Vantage Monster’s



Since you’re basically the Corrin guy, I was wondering what you think of this build?

This is with an Eir and Peony. Pretend the weapon is her prf obviously. I don’t have the copies nor the feathers but that’s ok

I’m also undecided on the special :feh_marththink:


Onestrly, I think she got a pretty nice refine overall! They addressed the main problem, which was atk and now she’ll be FAST! Null follow up is a great choice, because now she’s gonna double a lot more!


I’m a bit conflicted with how to build mine now, before I focused on her super tanking but now it’s like…she seems more offensively focused and I don’t want to give her def smoke.
Edit: Here’s my current build, also have a 5-starred atk boon prepared to merge onto since that seems the better choice now.


Pretty much what @LilinaBestGirl said… it’s a pretty solid build


Yah I feel you honestly… I was running Steady Posture 3 on her before her refine with Water Breath (Spd) and it was working pretty nicely at tanking pretty much a lot of physical Attack’s… but with her refine… it’s screaming DC


Yeah. Tossing between NCD, NFU and Lull atk/spd. Tbh the reason I went NFU is because it’s the only one I’ve got lol


Lull Spd/Res would also work very well… but that requires Lysithea… a literal Atomic bomb


My resplendent Hector was finally used. Too bad that I had to toss away Atk/Def Solo 3, Wrath and Time’s Pulse for that. I also had to switch Ignis to the less powerful (but stil nice) Bonfire since I don’t run TP anymore.
But our Corrin girl finally got her refine :feh_flaynsmile:

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I just had to come back to say a realization that hit me:
The schools and shrines in AR help out with gloom breath drastically, l no longer hate this weapon (Though l’m just in the 18~19 tier zone so don’t know how impactful it actually is to 21+ people).

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Why did you hate the weapon to begin with? :feh_marththink:

I thought it was pretty good. :feh_eirikathink:

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“Hate” was an exaggeration, but was hoping for something that’d help her tank more and not rely on debuffs. Though l’m 100% using her refine, no contest.

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Well… I mean it does kinda help her tank… -7 Atk/Spd at the start of turn to anything that’s 2 spaces away then another -7 Atk/Spd to unit’s 2 spaces away from her target when she attacks… that essentially gives her +7 Def/Res… and +14 Spd tho it’d be much better if it also lowered the foes Def/Res by 7 also

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It can help her tank honestly. Just have a sabo def or res user, slap res or def smoke, or use def/res ruse (which I’m planning because that looks pretty nice with her tbh). Then she gets +6/7 to all her stats from the debuffs. Chuck in visible stats for like +12-14 to all stats :feh_royyes:

Now we’re talking


Yeah if it had Saizo’s star -6 to everything it would be better imo. But no matter, she’s a dragon not a dagger, so it’s cool either way

I think once Def Smoke is a seal (why the hell are Def/Res smoke still not seal’s yet) I’m going to give it to her (yes I know that’s 2 skill’s being used to get the full effect but what can you do) and with the help of buff’s she will be pretty nice essentially getting +14 to all stats on EP against anything that got hit by the smokes, with L.Azura buff to add on another +6 all she will be even better

Or… once Threaten Def/Res becomes a skill I could use that instead… that would give her essentially 12 Atk and 10 Def/Res but saves an open slot… but that would only effect the people that gets hit by Threaten Def/Res… so maybe still just keep the double smokes


Yeah if def or res smoke becomes a seal, double smoke is gonna be super good on her

How are we feeling about F!Corrin’s best IV? I’ve currently got +ATK, but I’ve got a +RES copy chilling in my barracks in case the +RES is better especially with something like Res Smoke for +7 RES due to weapon effect, and potentially some combo of Mirror Stance 3/Bracing Stance 3/Swift Stance Seal. Thoughts y’all?

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Imma go for +res

Mainly because a +res F!Corrin was like the 3rd unit I ever summoned on this account :fgo_ereshpeek:

But imo spd or res is best. Atk is good too. Honestly every IV except HP is great for her

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I was running Def to make a different build… but after doing some Abyssal’s using F.Corrin and Sheena’s new refine’s… I changed to Atk… I think it helps a lot that 4 extra Atk comes in handy…

Abyssal Lyn's is probably the only one I can actually do tho when it comes to L/M unit's

Funnily enough after having Corrin target Lyn then Lyn’s Blazing Wind hit her… Lyn literally only did 4 damage with it

Took me a few tries to finally get the placement just right but the refine buddies cleared it with the help of L.Azura… with FF.Corrin taking a few hits to get everyone to the right spot…

but Abyssal Narcian and Infernal Zephial Sheena solo

L.Azura was really not needed any dancer would have worked just needed to move Sheena up one more space

While L.Azura was kinda needed for Zephial (maybe but probably not)

I know these to aren’t the hardest fight’s and Sheena was able to solo them before her refine… but seeing the improvement’s are nice