Well god damn this just happened

To think all I needed to pull a 5* from this banner was a long day at work, then bought 75 orbs andand on my first summon got Veronica, 3rd summon was B.ector, and 4th was Bruno, after getting to 4.5% sniping Green and Blue this morning with no luck at all. Managed to pull a triple 5* with 2 focus’s and B.ector… honestly the only reason I pulled on the 2 colorless is just to use up the pity and glad I did

Talk about a strike of good and bad luck tho, good luck being I finally got Veronica who is all I truly wanted from this banner but also a +Atk B.ector, bad luck tho because both Veronica and Bruno are both -Atk


Nice pull! Veronica and Bruno were the ones I wanted, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Could I borrow your luck for a minute? I just need to get Marisa real quick…