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So cruel to Daddybindi, I’ll never fodder him

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How much higher will your Ayra now score in arena and the like with the Duel skill? What were her original BST?

Only 2.
4 if we count the 400 SP rally as well.


Not much. But worth

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Strange. I thought it would make more of a difference. Also doesn’t removing Distant Counter reduce the scoring too much to actually score higher with this skill (with the difference for the BST being so low)?

R duel itself is 300 sp, so it’s the same as DC


You could actually make her get his sword

The skill counts BST before merges I thought, so it should make a good amount of difference.


Not if he wants to inherit the Duel skill.

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I think the duel is pretty useless tbh

Nowi is useless

Also I don’t care for these seasonal weapons. Like at all. A Cake Cutter would serve Ayra better than this situational atk/res boosting shovel

The fuck you saying you little bitch

Every small difference counts.

Also I believe that the actual difference the Duel skill makes is 7 points and not 4, because Ayra’s BST is actually 163 but is increased to 166 by her weapon (+3 Spd). I’m however not sure how this is calculated for the Duel skill so I might be wrong.

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Weapon/skill bonuses do not count.
But she does have 166 BST after the first merge.


Alright so here’s how duel skills work (from my understanding).
Ayra’s weapon’s effect doesn’t increase her actual bst, but her first merge does, so after that, she’s 166. The duel skill makes it so she’s treated as a 170 bst unit, so it increases her bst bin by 1 (since they go by 5s). So it actually doesn’t matter THAT much, as her score ceiling increases by 2 for every bst bin increase.
And merges are counted independently from that.


^ this

You’re a good person, but please train him

Already done, don’t worry

Now to wait for TT to get him SP for the rest of his skills

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