Well hopefully this will be good enough

First Arena I’ve actually had a +10 bonus unit… sad Bernie isn’t Inf… but it’s what it is


Should be enough your rank looks very good, even with 2 days left

What is your score btw

3,776… I mean… I could go higher if I put double Rally+ on everyone… and switched FF.Corrin’s special to Aether… but eh

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nice score mate

Dew it!

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Looks at name:

My mind: KING VADER?!?!

Not enough,you need 3810~ to get there I think


You might be thinking about staying in. This is a good score, it might need to go a little higher.

Nah I’m at 3806 and I’m rank 85 atm

I think he might make it because he is still in the top 10%, in the top 15% it might be close but he got a solid position

I mean you need something close to it not exactly 3810

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Looks like you’re in a good position to me. :ferdbirb:

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I made it to T21 last season with a score of 3772 (thank you +7 Ferdie and Earth season) so you’ll probably make it.


Like bartre would say “Aim high then higher thats the true way of the warrior”