Well, I already know my new years resolution

Don’t get me wrong here, I love FGO. Love the casual yet deep combat, love the constant support and community, and God knows I love the waifus. That said, I’m not liking how impulsive I’ve been with this game in spending money (spent way too much this year). Love the servants I got, but as the drawings are only 1% SSR and 3% SR it’s leaving me feel depressed whenever I put $40 or something in and get nothing back, though that’s my fault; I got too obsessive at points. With that said, this new years I’m gonna greatly cut down on the spending for this game. No more whaling, only put down money for guaranteed summons, and save for servants I want. Sorry for posting here like this, just felt like I needed to post this to stick with my pledge.


You and me both, friend. You and me both. It frustrates me to decide specific and concise plans only to ultimately impulsively roll despite my knowing better.

Genuinely wish you the best on luck on sticking to this. It wont be hard. Once you start, it’s hard to stop. But you’ll be better for it in the end.


That’s the spirit! The game keeps putting a lot of incentives here and there, but it all starts with a plan to push temptation away :fgo_megane:

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Yeah, thank you. Luckily I never went too far. I always keep a shit ton of money in my savings and I never dip horrifically. It’s just that whenever I spend money and get nothing from it the first thought I have is ‘i could have spent that money on something more productive’ and feel bad about it. Don’t want to cut the game out completely because I do love it, but I need to put my foot down.

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Thanks for the support. I know I can do it, just need some willpower. Sucks that I’m one of those impulsive kind of people (hey, I have a weeks supply of beer here, better drink it in three days time) but I need to control it. Good to start here.

Hey do whatcha need to do, that’s a perfectly understandable resolution, especially given this game’s rates and your knowing something’s an issue. Good luck! If needed, post in the SQ hoarding threads too as they appear or are active to remind yourself! It’s helped me, IMO, with refining my focus.

As someone who has whaled waaaay too hard in the past:

the longer you go without spending, the easier it gets.

It’s still hard not to sink a pack into Abby just because she’s the 1st Foreigner, or to sink a pack or two on LArtoria’s bait banner a few weeks ago, but it’s doable. Depending on exactly how much you whaled/how lucky you were, there might be quite a few Servants coming up that don’t offer you anything new, gameplay-wise, and that might make it easier to skip too. They’re just .pngs after all, you can look at them just as easily on your laptop screen as your phone. And borrow them from your Friend List.

Yeah, that’s true. I think I’ve been especially impulsive this year because a lot of bad shit hit me especially in the last few months and I’ve been absolutely desperate for that hit of dopamine.

Fortunately I’ve only been impulsive with free sq. Only times I have more than 100 sq is after a huge haul (like last anniversary) or I’m truly not interested in several banners in a row. I’m not a big spender irl, which ensures that I only buy for GSSR’s because I know it won’t be a min roll. And might not even continue GSSR’s since both times I got my last choice from the pool…

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I actually dont have my card linked to my google play account purely for this reason. It’s really hard to impulse spend when you need to drive to a store, buy a card, and input the code before you get to use the money

But good luck on limiting your spending bro

your better than i am then.

Best luck for you bro…i just play this game for 3 month, and i whaling only for the guaranteed banner

Haha. I’m going the opposite route from you. I’ll start spending this year for some servants that have their last banners. It helps that I’m not impulsive though. (I just hope this doesn’t lead me straight to the deepest pits of hell). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We all hope your abstinence works,but if you do,welcome to F2P Hell my friend,it’s a hard place to live but the orgas-,I mean,the pleasure of obtaining a SSR is absurd