Well I beat the Deer path of 3H (with poll)

And next up I would try for the siding with Edelgard path of the Eagles house. But honestly I just don’t know if I should try something else first before I come back to it.

Like say do a FE6, 7, or 8 randomized run because I honestly felt I was much slower about playing through the Deer run after doing it right after the Church run. And it’s not that I enjoyed the Deer route less but maybe there was a bit of 3H burn out starting. And I honestly think the 2 paths I ended up doing first I will like more than the 2 I haven’t done. Because I dislike Dimitri and I still just feel so neutral to Edelgard.

Anyway I should stop rambling and P O L L

  • Edelgard route
  • GBA FE randomizer (comment which game of the 3)

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Also in RD fashion, I’ll mention who were the top 5 units in my Deer run in kills.

Ingrid - 185

Claude - 211

Byleth - 219

Hilda - 249

And number 1 was…

Dorothea - 325!

@Hrafn @Caleb Dorothea was so amazing this run and now she’s one of the non-lords whose led a playthrough for me in kills! :sob:


Edelgard’s path provides an interesting outlook on her philosophy, I’d think, although…have you played FE6 on hard mode?

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No and I think I lost my data after the one completed run I did of FE6. I tried a randomizer of FE6 but it froze when Roy’s replacement tried to promote, possibly because they were not a class that could use swords? RIP Wyvern Clarine your story was never finished…

My randomized FE6 run froze after getting the Binding Blade too
I had to use a chapter code and cheat in a Binding Blade to get it to work
Roy was a Falcoknight that run

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Well she is the true queen ^^

Also I and @Hrafn understand each other pretty well :ylgrwink:

I wonder but are people voting for the Edelgard route just cause the like her? :thinking:

Not me, actually, I initially disliked her, but it’s good to see things in her perspective.

and to recruit Hubert

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But I almost feel like that’s why I’m considering playing something else first? Like if the burn out gets too much during the 3rd straight playthrough it might just negatively affect my whole opinion on the route?

There’s only been one game so far I’ve been able to do two playthroughs back to back and not feel any burn out towards the end and that was Persona 4. I played Persona 4 Golden almost immediately after I did a playthrough of the original PS2 version of P4 on PSN.

I voted BE also because I like her, but also because I personally like every other BE students and I find is story very interesting

Well I think I’m going to do an FE7 randomized run, cause I feel like I’ll burn out on FE3H if I do another path for a 3rd time in a row. Now time to find out who’s my Eliwood for this run? :catroll:

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What if people like edelgard because they like her path? :thinkinglikelukas:

What’s it ?forgive my ignorance, but…I’m playing it now and if I like the idea I could try to

You can randomize who you recruit and where, their weapons, weapon effects, classes, base stats, growth rates, enemies, everything. It makes the game fresh and chaotic lol


Yup what @LuxioDaSphinx said.

So like instead of Eliwood, he got replaced by Brigand Jaffar who got randomized into a beast of a unit for early game.

And how it kinda works is like I had Hector replace Serra for her recruitment slot and she is able to recruit Erk normally. But Erk was replaced by Eliwood and in order to recruit him I had Hector talk to him. So Eliwood was treated as Erk and Hector as Serra for recruitment sake. That way you aren’t locked out of recruiting someone just cause the order of recruitment is randomized.

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