Well I finally beat 3H (Black Eagles route) + poll

Spoilers for Edalgard route

Well that was quite the ride. Siding with Edalgard meant we made enemies of basically everyone else. Although I didn’t get too attached to any of the other students, so I didn’t really feel bad or anything. Story was nice and the ending was satisfying.

Anyways now that I’m done that route which should I play next? I’m thinking GD since they were originally my first choice.

  • Blue Lions
  • Golden Deer
  • 4th path

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Fun fact you actually did the fourth path. The church path is the default BE path.

Honestly for your next playthrough I say go Blue Lions. You’ll get the best of the other side of the coin. The golden deer route is a little… distanced from the other campaigns. So if you want something really different, pick that. I’d say do church last to avoid chapter-repeat boredom.



Doesn’t matter, as long as you recruit Raphael. :hugs:

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Well if I go BL I’ll probably recruit Lyethesa at least. Probably Dorothea too. Raphael seems like he could be a solid person to recruit too. I’m just glad I know how to better recruit now.

I did Edelgard’s path first as well and it was cool but I feel like there are so many things with no explication but whatever. Now I’m doing GD because I think their route is like chill, Blue Lions and the Church are the other side of the coin if you played Edelgard’s.

Well Blue Lions it is I guess.

Wait what


On NG+, you can spend 400 renown per support level (as long as you got the support level on your previous run). And if a unit on NG+ is put to A support doing this, then it will allow the recruit option to work regardless of if you meet the normal prerequisites.

So I spent 1200 renown so I could recruit Dorothea in Ch. 2 of my Deer run on NG+!!!

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Definite Spoiler

On the Eagles path there’s actually a split where you can choose to side with Edelgard or side with the church.

However if you miss one of the few prerequisites for Edelgard’s path then the game will automatically put you on the Church path without even getting the choice. That’s what happened to me. :catroll:

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Yeah, I saw The Sacred Spear’s video on ng+, so I have an idea of what to expect. So she should be easy, and I believe I got Lyethesa to C rank which will help in recruiting her. Raphael will be a fresh start though.

Oh okay
So I don’t have to unlock anything to do either path?


Yeah that sucks. Glad I met the requirements for siding with Edalgard.

Me but with Felix honestly. I’m working toward hopefully recruiting him. I didn’t both on my first run so I have no support with him. I did also pick up Ingrid alongside Dorothea since she’s my Lions fav so far.

And Rapheal, well don’t worry @Krazytre I may not have had him my first playthrough. But I’m on Deer for my second one so I don’t have to try recruiting him :catroll:


There’s 3 prerequisites to unlock the Scarlet path.

  • get a c support with edelgard
  • in a certain chapter I won’t specify, edelgard is in a certain location, talk to her and go with her to somewhere else
  • in a certain chapter, choose to protect her

Lemme know if you want more specifics.

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Oh looks like I didn’t have any support ranks with Lysithea. Oh well I did get my magic up last playthrough so I can recruit her that way.



Well I am now professor level A right off that bat. That’ll be useful.

Oh okey
Already got C support
Thanks mighty Formotiis

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