Well I finally gave up on the brave banner

Decided to do a few last yolo pulls and see if I could get lucky. I didn’t, so I used my free on Micaiah. Here’s to hoping she’ll serve me well.


To be honest, I feel like none of the CYL units were too special this time around. Micaiah, and the other CYL units, feel aight but nothing extremely good like B!Veronica was.

Still though, good pick. Did you get anyone else?


Very true. I still want Alm to mess around with his A, and I certainly wouldn’t mind if Camilla showed up sometime but overall kinda a less interesting batch.

Brave heroes? No, I got these people instead.

Celica and Lugh were new, the others not.

Agreed; I find L-Julia more interesting than any of the Brave units. I was glad to get three of her.



In my defense, I was really trying to merge my Tiki more but only got one copy.
And I spent like 350 Orbs.
Least no Nagas showed up so I don’t have to worry about useless fodder clogging my manuals.

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I’ve been tempted to pull for her, but I don’t have many orbs.

Well, Camilla is the first non sesional staff flier unit so it’s a bit unique and also she’s now considered colorless mage.

Other than that, Micaiah is pretty much like her OG or dancer version and Eliwood is cool. I hope I can get alm as a pitybreaker or in a Legendary banner because I’m not pulling for him, I mean he is a very good unit but there are lots of infrantry sword units and they can be merged easily

That too.

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He’ll come eventually, it is not a priority.

Yeah. Really I just want to mess around with Scendscale.