Well, I might die


I got this email today and I’m not sure which staff member has COVID-19, since it’s their name is confidential, but… I have had classes in Cedar Hall this quarter, but I’m not sure if it was with this particular staff member.

I am AFRAID of getting the Coronavirus, because even though I don’t have any pre-existing health conditions, except for a crappy immune system, mental health issues and asthma, my mom and my roommate Karen (that’s her actual name) do. Sam doesn’t have any pre-existing health conditions that I know of, but still…

I have three finals to take this week… I AM DEATHLY AFRAID. How did I avoid getting the Coronavirus for this long, even when I’ve been out to Seattle with a friend of mine!?

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You had been tricked by the MSM’s fear mongering. They rely on you to crash the economy for worse things to come.

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COVID-19 is not an immediate death sentence. You may never contract it. You may contract it but never show symptoms. You may contract it and show symptoms but it goes away like a head cold or the flu. In worst cases you contract it and the symptoms are bad. The best you can do is wash your hands, avoid large crowds, avoid touching your face, and self-isolate if you think you have symptoms.


Just in case if you didn’t think of these -
you might die on the way to Cedar Hall on a car drive
you might die if there’s a shooting near Cedar Hall
You might die from plane crash on your way to Seattle.
you might die if you’re playing pokemon go when crossing street.

And, even If you get the coronavirus, you have like 95% chance to survive. The last time i checked, that was about the same chance as not seeing a shiny darkrai on your first encounter.


I believe the chance is 2% for a healthy adult to die to the disease, so a shiny Darkrai is more than twice as likely if that’s correct

Still… I’m not ready to stay inside my apartment, until April 6th. I have little to no games to play at home.

I just don’t my mom to get Coronavirus, because she has Lupus and Fibromyalgia.

The best argument I saw this month. Use this to help yourself with fear.


She already said she has a crappy immune system and asthma, which automatically makes her high risk (lets just say there’s no risk and high risk, there’s very little in between)

I don’t think you understand the seriousness of the situation. For most people the virus is nothing, it may make them feel like crap for a few days but they will get over it. BUT those at risk are very likely to die from the virus if they contract it, AND those who have it already can spread it without even knowing they have it until they start showing symptoms - This is exactly how Italy has been affected.

As above, you may have it and never know about it… and then you go to visit granma who gets it. Granma’s orderly comes to tend on her, picks up the virus and then goes to the next person they care for. A week later you have an empty carehome.

I don’t believe any healthy people have died to the virus


And that’s how it was able to spread from China, to other parts of the world.

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As long as you don’t see a Lampent wandering over near you, you should be fine. And we can’t lose you yet, you’ve still got to smash Cliff and Giovanni.

As for practical advice to avoid the virus, I have none really. I’ve toned all of it out since I think it’s all an excessive fuss.


If you get the virus, please spread it to them.


Remember their shadow Zubats and those Rocket Take-overs months ago?


–Wash your hands well, and frequently. Think of it like “save early, save often”.
–Don’t stand too close to people in crowds.
–When you’re shopping, get what you need and get out. Limit your exposure.
–Clean the surfaces in your home and car with proper cleaning supplies. If it’s a high-traffic area, like the kitchen, clean it more frequently.
–Wash your dang hands.
–No, really.

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Don’t worry, I’m very health conscious about my hands. In fact, I’ve been germaphobic my entire life.

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Good. Now, everybody join together and wash ya dang hands.

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As someone who loves statistics, I would really like to know if that’s the case. I’ve seen the breakdown by co-morbidity (i.e. 5% fatality rate for diabetes patients, etc.) but not the percentage of fatalities who had different co-morbidity.

And now back to Pokémon!

Hey, not too big of a deal. Death rate is so low you have a very good of surviving the virus (assuming you even get it in the first place), and what if you actually get the virus even though you did everything to prevent it? That’s fate, and you have to accept it and just pray you don’t die. No need to worry so much.

What’s funny is that I was gonna fight Arlo today, because he was at a pokestop that was near an intersection and a train was coming by. But… I ended up not fighting him, because the train was a passenger train and I wanted the chance to rematch, if I lost to him. Maybe I’ll fight him tomorrow, I’m unsure right now, since no one is technically supposed to be outside, unless if they’re running necessary errands or have a job.

You know that once you tap on him and match with him for the first time, you can walk away and rematch him indefinitely right?

I know.
It’s just my mom and I had to be somewhere at that time. After the train left and we could cross, we had to drop off a friend of mine.