Well I'm done with this banner now

Got both Lull Atk/Def and Rouse Def/Res and now Selkie’s build is finished, sadly I spent another $40 only to get him on the first circle… guess I’ll save the rest of the orbs


Just realized… I forgot to do his lvl 40 conversation… oh well… I’ll get him again at some point as a pity


Meanwhile I got Selkie as a pitybreaker in the Nailah bannef and now I have 2 spares Selkies lmao

Just did the same!

Pfft, like that matters. :eyes:

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That Selkie tho, looks kinda scary. Makes me wonder if IS will be making horses great again, or what? I sure hope so.

I get it that you forgot his dragonflowers as well, right? Not much of a loss but still stings a bit.

No I did both them… the whole reason I bothered to make him lvl 40

Spare Selkie?

Hmmmmm :thinking: